It runs in my family

Diabetes runs in my family.  My grandfather on my dad's side succumbed to heart failure due to complications.  My dad is on the verge; his blood sugar level is on the borderline according to his doctor.  He is not taking insulin yet but he is on maintenance drug.  None of us (his children) have it yet but we have what you call pre diabetes symptoms.  It's a condition wherein no physical symptoms are seen but we are inclined to having it because we have a history of diabetes in the family.  Mom had been nagging all of us to have a blood test to know our risk factors but none of us did.

I kept telling her that she doesn't have to worry about me having Diabetes because I am taking care of myself.  I know that I am at risk so I stay away from too much glucose and I exercise everyday.  She should be more watchful of my brother and sister who don't exercise at all.  All of us are at risk so I also watch my son's diet.  I have to remind him all the time about his love for sweets.  He is so much like my dad who can't live without sweets.  I encourage him to eat more fruits instead.  With the right diet and exercise I am positive that diabetes will not be my problem and my kids'.

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