Not Just a Simple Back Pain

If you have been experiencing pain on you back and leg or a weakness on the muscles of your legs, chances are, you are suffering from herniated disc. This happens when the cushion between the spinal vertebra goes out of place.  For younger people, this may not be so much of a problem because during your early years, the cushion is still elastic and soft.  It becomes an issue for older people because it becomes rigid as we age, thus we become more prone to injury.  A simple slip or too much strain on your back may force the cushion to move or to rupture.

The usual symptoms of herniated disc are tingling and numbness; sensations of pins and needles, muscle weakness, and electric shock pains.  Some doctors perform spine surgeries to eliminate the herniated disc from the spinal canal. The spine surgeries however, are not recommended for everyone who is suffering from herniated disc.  Once you have been diagnosed with it, your doc may recommend other forms of treatment first such as hot and cold compress;  physical therapy; anti-inflammatory medications; oral steroids medications; and epidural steroid injections.  You will also be asked to avoid activities that may aggravate your symptoms and to take a lot of rest. 

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