Homey Feeling

Do you hate the smell of clinics or hospitals?  I do!  Instead of getting better quickly sometimes the feel and smell of your room will only make you feeling more sick.  Do you also have that feeling?  Oh, I have nothing against hospitals it's just that I think the patients will get better fast if they feel more at home in their room.

When my daughter gave birth to her twins a couple of months ago, I made sure she'd get a homey feeling.  Right before she was wheeled into her room after spending hours at the recovery room, I brought out my luxury bedding and fixed her hospital bed.  I also sprayed her favorite cologne so she would at least feel like she was in her own bedroom.  The only thing that reminded her she was still in the hospital was the doctors and nurses who kept coming in to check on her.

She felt a terrible pain the very next morning but somehow the homey feeling helped ease her pain.  Sure enough, her recovery was quick to think that she gave birth through Ceasarian section.  Had they not waited for the twins' newborn testing, they could have been home a couple of days after she gave birth.  

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