The Supplements Helped Him

I'm not the kind of person who would easily pop a pill in my mouth when I'm not feeling better.  I would try to find natural remedies first and see if they work; and they usually do.  Although I have no problems with taking vitamins, I feel the same way with supplements as with medications.

It was only when something happened to my father in law some years ago that I have changed my views about supplements.  We already knew that two of his arteries were blocked but he decided against the bypass surgery.  He changed his diet, exercised, took the meds given to him as well as the discount supplements given by his bestfriend.  He never had any attacks after the first one.  It was only during his executive check up that his doctor decided to admit him.  There was another blocked artery so the whole family decided for the surgery.  His doctor was amazed that he lasted 6 years in that condition.  He is a doctor but he credited FIL's supplements.

Since then, my family and I are taking food supplements.  I usually get them at a discount from Carlson Labs and  Douglas Labs.  I believe that no matter how hard we try to live and eat healthy, we don't always get the essential vitamins and nutrients from food alone.  The supplements ensure we get all of those daily. 

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