I'm sorry Mom

My husband was away when my doorbell was busted.  At first I thought it was just the batteries so I thought I'd just change them.  I was out of batteries so I had to run to the store to get some.  Well lo and behold, it's really busted!

I wanted to wait until my husband returns from a week-long convention but yesterday ,my mom visited.  I had no idea that she has been standing there for more than 30 minutes calling my name and it was raining really hard.  I was busy cleaning upstairs and couldn't hear her.  It was only when I was bringing out the garbage when I noticed someone at the door.  Oh mom, I'm really sorry.

As soon as she's gone, I went to the the hardware to buy a wireless doorbell.  Well actually I was only looking for a simple door chime but when I saw these wireless doorbells and discovered how easy they are to install, I purchased it.  At least I didn't need to call my brother to help me with it.  When my kids got home that day, they were surprised that we had a new chime and it's a wireless door bell.  I'm sure hubs will be surprised too.   

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