She's going to be an actress

While my siblings and I were growing up none of were artistically inclined.  Mom tried ballet and dancing schools for me and my sister but we just weren't interested.  She also bought an organ so the three of us will learn to play.  She hired a teacher who would come once a week to give each of us an hour's session.  We came to hate Saturdays because of that!  Then mom finally accepted that we never wanted those things and gave up.  All three of us would rather get into sports than to become artists.

Well mom may not have a ballerina or a musician for a child but she's definitely going to have an actress for a grandchild.  My niece loves to act and she plans of going to an acting school right after high school.  She is a very active member of their drama club and is always game to go to an audition.  She and her friends have been to several casting calls since last week.  Mom is very excited and is always on the look out for an open casting call.

Everyone one of us  is giving her full support.  It would really be nice to have an artist in the family.

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