I attended a business expo with some friends. We found out that there are companies that sell existing successful businesses. There was a talk by a business broker on how to acquire these businesses. Some of these brokers sell businesses in behalf of the owners. Some are looking for partners and some offer franchises. We even came across an internet business for sale. The expo opened our eyes to different opportunities. I have been closely watching how my husband help other businesses to improve their sales and I may just get swayed into going into business. I have a degree in business administration anyway. Maybe my friends and I can form a corporation and buy a business for sale.

This needs some thought. Do we aim high or start small? It's got to be something we are passionate about. A business would be hard to run if your heart's not into it. I've asked for a list of all the businesses up for sale. We need to closely study which would fit our budget and our interest. We're all moms and maybe something connected to family would be a good choice. We all cook and a small bistro would also be a good choice. Of course there's one more factor we all have to take into account, how deep our husbands' wallets are.

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