Busy Body

My husband's juggling projects again. It really doesn't matter, he has a very good team. Even if some of them are elsewhere overseeing other projects they can still meet and discuss updates and other details. All these is possible through Audio conferencing. He also does this with his clients overseas. with a client in Just the other day, he had an Audio conference with his client in Singapore and his partner in Malaysia. He has been constantly receiving Conference calls. It's fine with him, at least, he doesn't have to travel too much.

Since last year, his company has been swamped. Some projects even overlap. With the volume of projects, he has hired more staff. They have been very busy. Late nights have been the norm. His staff doesn't mind it at all as every project completed ahead of schedule means a fat bonus for all of them. They don't care if they have tons of work to do. They don't care if a long line of projects awaits them. What they are worried about is when all these suddenly stop. They're a happy bunch of busy bodies. The more work they get, the happier they all are. At a time when times are tough, they're glad that they continue to enjoy the trust and confidence of their clients.

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