My cousin built his daughters a beautiful playhouse. Perfectly built for kids, it has all the rooms a house would have, only smaller. My nieces would spend hours playing and even took their afternoon naps there. every furniture was beautifully crafted. The kids even have their snacks there. The dining and living sets were both adorable. The kitchen had everything. It has a guidecraft refrigerator. The kitchen sink and stove are both so cute. My nieces would pretend they were cooking. It so amusing to watch them play. Kids really have a very active imagination. They would raid their mother's flower patch and imagine the flowers were salad.

They kept a stash of ketchup sachets which they took from different fast foods. They used these in their imaginary meals. Cookies, crackers and shoestring potatoes are some of their imaginary foods. The fridge had their water bottles and biscuits. Sometimes, they would use their clay and form them into chicken drumsticks, burgers and even hotdogs. Of course they have plastic foods but they would rather use other stuff for their foods.

The playhouse is a labor of love. Their father painstakingly labored for several weeks to build it. My husband and son did put some time into it but most of the work were done by their Dad. I am very sure that the playhouse would bring years of wonderful memories. The family would have hours of sharing stories of when they were young. That would be perfect for our family reunions and parties.

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