Outdoor Fun

When my family visited Noelle, my husband’s cousin and her husband Raffy in Canada back in 2000; the kids had so much fun.  The Canada trip was one of our vacations that up to now they couldn't forget. The couple was not blessed with a child and they were very happy that my kids went with us; Noelle spoiled my kids.

Their place was really lovely and the kids loved that they can do so many things there.  Noelle often took them out for some outdoor fun; hiking, swimming and camping.  They even tried biking and rented rides from dirt bike trails ontario.  Noelle and Raffy also made us try atv trail riding.  It wan fun, the kids thought the vehicles we got from atv rentals ontario were really cool.  The mountain and river were perfect for these outdoor activities.

We had two weeks of fun in Ontario and it was a great opportunity for us to spend some time in the mountains, away from the busy and noisy city.  Noelle and Raffy were great hosts and I'm looking forward to return it to them.  The couple plans to visit next year and my kids are already  planning their stay with us. 

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