Her Weapon

Back in college my daughter had three traumatic experiences with hold-ups and pickpockets; all of those in a period of 2 months.  If you are a Pinoy then you are familiar with the streets of Manila especially at night; dark and dangerous.  In all those incidents, I am still thankful that she wasn't hurt; she only lost three cell phones and money.  But then you'll never know, next time it happens again, she might get hurt so I gave her a mace spray so she can at least defend herself should it happen again.  It may not be much but it made my mind rest that at least she can hurt her the person who robs or attacks her.

I wanted her to transfer to a school near our area so she doesn't have to travel too far and I'd feel she is safer when she's near; but she insisted to finish in that school.  For the next three years she braved the streets of Manila armed only with her mace or OC spray.

Up until now she never forgets to buy pepper spray.   She makes sure she always carries one in her bag wherever she goes.  She says she feels very safe with it.  Although I don't go out of the house very often, I too, carry one in my bag; she bought it for me last time she shopped for pepper sprays.  I'm also thinking of buying one each for hubs and my son.  It may sound lame for them but you'll never know, right?

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