Soak and Relax Feet

Are your feet tired and achy?  A foot bath would definitely soothe them. Here, try this very relaxing foot soak that will not  only relieve your tired feet but leave them soft as well.  To do:  Mix 1/4 cup of powdered milk in a bowl of warm water and soak feet for 20 minutes.  The lactic acid in the milk will help dissolve dry skin and brighten nails, while the milk's lipids will add moisture.


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Liza,

Excellent advise, darling! You know I am a huge fan of your beauty tips ;) (specially because they really work).

I hope all is fine with you and yours: I saw that a storm has stormed in your country. God be with you!

Hugs and cheers

Byrd said...

that looks like a great idea!

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