Secured Network

My friend is an IT director of a big company. One of the divisions she handles is the network of the company. The nature of their business is finacial in nature. This means that the business is security sensitive. The integrity of their database is of the highest priority. They have to make sure that access to this must be very limited. They use a very sophisticated network security software to ensure the safety of all communications and accounts. She requires regular compliance reporting both from the system and the people handling it. The team handles this makes sure that all threats and unauthorized access are quickly addressed and dealt with. IT security compliance is very important. A single weak link in the entire system could spell disaster and compromise their entire operation.

She tells me that her work may look hard but is actually very easy to perform because they have a very secured system. So far, they have not been breached. The system has several gateways which has several protocols to be met. The sensitivity of their operation dictates that all bases are covered. Cyber thieves stop at nothing to be able to hack and steal any information. Protecting this relies on the strength of a network's security.

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