Shake Off Pounds

Weight loss?  I don't think anything will work out for me anymore unless I starve myself to death.  If you have been following this blog, you probably know that I quit smoking over a year ago.  Like other smokers who quit, I gained weight.  The thing is, I can't shed off the pounds no matter what I do.  I have tried a lot already; diet, exercise, no rice diet, short burst exercises, indoor walking, nothing worked.  I still exercise though, thinking that even if I'm not losing weight, at least I'm doing my body good.  But of course I still dream of  seeing myself slim.  I am not used to being this big.

I saw a weight loss diet pills ad and I'm thinking of trying it. I'm not usually attracted to these kinds of ads but when I saw that it's made from all natural and pure ingredients, it made me think. I also searched for reviews and scam articles and so far I only found good and positive reviews. This might be just what I need to kick start weight loss. I printed the info page because I'd be showing it to a doctor friend. Even if people are saying good things about it, I'd still like to be sure if it safe.

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