I broke my shades and I have to new one. Off to the mall I went to browse around for women's sunglasses. There are about three optical shops, all selling polarized sunglasses for women. While I fitted sunglasses after sunglasses looking for a design that would complement my face, my son checked out the men's sunglasses. There were so many brands and designs to choose from. I'm the nostalgic type and all I want is a simple design like an aviator or wayfarer.

My son on the other hand had already picked what he wants. He's into sports so he went for a sports type design. After some back and forth from the three shops, I went back to the second one and finally bought the simplest one. Despite its simplicity, I made sure that it can really protect my eyes. We all know the bad effects of ultraviolet rays on unprotected eyes. There are so many knockoffs that do not meet the standards and does not protect our precious eyes. That is why I buy from reputable stores instead of some convenience store. Eye protection is very serious and should not be taken for granted.

I paid for the items my son and I bought. The sun was out when we walked to our car. My sunglasses had its baptism. I'm glad I wasted no time in buying a new pair of sunglasses. I'll be careful next time and be more careful with my shades. 

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