Some of my husband's clients require total security. They need utmost security so communication has to be protected at all times. Trade secrets can easily be stolen if you're too complacent. They require email encryption for all communiques. Not a problem for my husband, he has Hosted Security and internet protection. My husband is very particular when dealing with his clients. He makes sure that all their conditions are met. He won't stay long in this business if he has been careless. In the business world competitors guard everything; unscrupulous businessmen and shady characters will stop at nothing to create knockoffs that not only damages the legit businesses but shortchanges the buying public.

Thieves stop at nothing to make a fast buck. At least now, there is global awareness about piracy and fakes. Security is at the top of every company's list of priorities. They need to protect the company and their customers. Hackers are a great threat to intellectual property rights. Cyber protection and security is a must in any internet communication. My husband knows this too well. His business is hinged on trust. As long as his clients are assured of protection, they will continue to do business with him even if sometimes have dealings with their competitors. 

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