They named him Ryder

My cousin who lives in Pampanga bought a wonderful horse for her kids.  They named him Ryder.  She had a horse fence built for Ryder.  Jed (her husband) didn't realize that horse fencing is a serious business.  Cousin Riza wanted to hire men to build the fence but he insisted that he can do it on his own.  It took him a full week to build Ryder's fence but everyone gave him credit for the very nice fence.  He built Ryder a small but comfortable stall.  The horse can easily access his food and water.  Jed also has a small space for the tack and other stuff.  The kids knew Ryder will be happy and healthy in his new home.

However,  right after Ryder moved in, he got sick.  The vet's diagnosis was colic and west nile; two deadly diseases that he can only get from mosquitoes.  Ryder probably got it during his stay outside.  The vet took good care of him and he got well really quick.

Ryder is back.  He is beautiful; strong; healthy; playful and eating again.  Her kids are having a grand riding time with him after school and during weekends.  Cousin Riza is thinking of finding Ryder a mate so he won't be lonely when the kids are in school.

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