Virtual Safe

Businesses now outsource even their data management. My husband's company does this. Another company that offers and specializes in data center virtualization for him. This way, their company's data is protected from any eventuality such as theft and fire. He has learned his lesson when their office was broken into. Some of their files were destroyed by ransacking thieves. It took them several months to reconstruct them. This prompted them to use another company for data safekeeping. This data center virtualization is highly cost effective. No need to buy new hardware and peripherals for their files. Everything is stored and can easily be retrieved online. It's access is protected. Only authorized personnel can gain access to these data.

Their company now has a good backup and recovery system. The integrity of their files will remain intact. Tampering is virtually impossible. Limited access can also be allowed for his clients. The can retrieve some files regarding their MOAs, contracts and project details. Everything can be monitored, even the uploading of files. His company can invest their savings on other things. No equipment that would need upgrading cutting more costs. It pays for itself and it's a virtual safe. It's practically a no brainer.

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