Desperate writer, desperate actress (UPDATED)

I came upon this article in Touched by an angel. Like her, I felt insulted too when I watched the scene from her video. I can't see why the writer has to put that dialog, and the actress didn't even mind delivering it.

Like Noemi, I know several doctors who are quite famous in the US. My husband's eye doctor, Dr. Jack Arroyo of the American Eye Center is number one in Asia and belongs to the top ten list of ophthalmologists in America. My friend's brother is one of the best surgeons in California. My aunt, who lives in the US for more than 2o years now is a head nurse in a New York hospital. And besides, many foreigners are coming to the Philippines to take medical courses so how can they belittle our medical schools here when in fact we have produced fine doctors, nurses and other health workers.

It is very clear that racism is alive and thriving in the US. After all, there are still some Americans stuck in the middle ages. ABC should issue an apology and the writer must be reprimanded. Producers, writers and actors as well should be responsible enough on what they say on screen because not only the "great" Americans are watching but the whole world as well. They shouldn't be just writing and delivering lines like that. They should be more careful next time.

I think its a DESPERATE attempt by the producers to improve their ratings. Of course a controversy will always spark curiosity and would increase its viewership.

*UPDATE: ABC as of this time had issued a public apology regarding the racist remark on the said episode. It is good to know that ABC is a responsible network after all.

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