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Friday, May 27, 2011

For Soft and Silky Skin

Dry skin on your face?  Here's an exfoliating mask that will leave your skin soft and smooth in minutes.  Mix 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt with a splash of orange juice, then spread the mixture evenly over your face and wait five minutes before rinsing off.  The acids in both yogurt and orange juice will help slough off dead skin cells and increase the production of collagen.  And here's an added perk, yogurt is rich in zinc, a mineral that's been proven to erase blemishes.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just The Way You Want It

It's always refreshing to see buildings that have its own identity. More often than not, I've always been an admirer of architecture and believes that it is a form of self expression. The design should be more personal than commercial. A house must reflect the owner's personality. This the reason why architects and interior designers consult with their clients. After all, they will be the ones occupying a building or home. There is a difference between an architect and a real architect.

When we had our house designed, the architect took into consideration my inputs. From these inputs, he and his associates gave several designs that closely if not exactly envisioned what I wanted. They also gave suggestions on how to better improve what I had in mind. Most architects would simply give you their own design and you end up with something you really do not like. I would rather hire someone who will listen than someone who will impose what they want. This is why I am very particular when choosing someone who will design a house that I would live in.

I am very particular with interiors too. It should reflect my personality. There is a tendency for interior designers to overdo the interiors. I prefer simplicity and functionality. You will be surprised at how you end up with something so beautiful. The Brownstone Interiors NY is one such firm that treat their clients personally. Every design they come up with exudes beauty and the owner's personality. This is how architecture and interior design should be. The design should not only stand out but represent both designers' and owner's style and personality. The next time you have your house, building or interiors done, choose someone who will not treat you as an ordinary client but as part of their team.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RT|WW - Beautiful Blooms

Wordless Wednesday

Do you know the name of this flower?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dry Brush You Body

Need more energy? Try body brushing. Losing weight is not the only benefit you get from it. Here's what you should do: Get a natural-bristled body brush and sweep your body in long strokes. Do it by starting at your feet and moving up and around the body. The strokes help increase small capillary circulation to the skin to whisk away toxins.

Here's an added perk, brushing ups the skin's immunity and eliminates dead skin cells for a vibrant skin tone. Do it daily and you'll be amazed with the results.

Your Key To Youthful

I am hearing so much about this stuff lately.  Apparently ghr1000 has a very high rate of success when it comes to turning back the clock.  Our body's ability to produce hormones decreases as we grow older.  Still, we need them to be active, agile and look youthful. Expensive creams may work but they don't give you the energy you need to more active and agile.  Ask your doc if ghr1000 is for you.

Wake Up Thyroid

Ok, I give up!  I'm not going to lose weight with exercise and diet alone.  I heard from a friend that losing the excess fat can be easier with the help of a good fat burner.  I've never tried taking something before because back then losing weight was easy.  This time though, I'm giving it a try, it might wake up my sleeping thyroid.  :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hubs' Utility Knife

One of the best gifts my husband got during his birthday last month was a utility knife.  Actually, it is now one of his priced possessions, haha.  That's what I love about my guy, he is easy to please.  He won't go for expensive watches and other pricey stuff.  He'd rather have things that will be of great use to him.  He loves to take it along when he goes biking, hunting, and hiking.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RT|WW - Nachos at Mile-Hi Diner

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cucumbers Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Adding cucumbers to your diet will keep your skin dewy. The refreshing and juicy vegetable contains ascorbic acid, a vitamin C precursor that hydrates skin from the inside out. Mix it with other fruits and make into a smoothie or enjoy it as a salad with a few drops of lemon, a sprinkle of sugar and a dash each of salt and pepper.

What Your Business Cards Say About You

It may just be a small card that you hand out to your clients, but it says a lot about you and the company you represent. This is your way of communicating with clients, customers and prospective customers. A positive first impression matters a lot, and just like with your company advertisements, business cards can make or break a good first impression.

Impressive and well-thought of business cards will leave a positive mark on your clients, associates and target audience. And leaving a good impression means you and your products are someone and something they can rely on.

While ordinary business cards would contain your name, postal and email addresses and contact numbers, an impressive card has a little information about you. This will make clients, customers and your target market think they are closer to you before, or when making that order.

Handing out a business card is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Just make sure you have them with you anywhere you go. Whether you are attending simple business function, a workshop, a conference or a social event, you simple hand it down to new acquaintances, old friends or even relatives. You might even be at the grocery store and meet a potential client. Opportunities are everywhere, so make sure to produce your business card any time an opportunity knocks.

Learned A Lesson

Whether it's about you, your house, or your vehicles, you know it pays to be protected.  My brother was caught off guard when he hit a tree with his rv.  He lost his brake so he rammed it into the tree instead of hurting someone else.  He had to pay dearly for the repairs because he has not renewed his insurance yet.  He learned his lesson and immediately checked the rv insurance quote, the agent sent him. He swore to renew his insurance at least a month before it expires.

A Birthday and A Reunion

My grandfather celebrated his 86th birthday last April 29.  It was a grand celebration held at his favorite restaurant.  All his children were present, even those who were in the States came home.  It was good seeing all of them, especially my favorite Uncle Pio.  We heard that he got sick last year so we are very happy that he was able to come.  He is not working anymore and has applied for a disability insurance. He says, he is busy taking care of his grandson, Joaquin.

My grandfather was the happiest that night, of course, because he saw all his children.  We hope to do it again next year.

Backyard Makeover

We're having our backyard made over. The porch needs repainting and some of benches needs to be replaced. The old Bench Cushions need replacing to. I happened to find cheap and affordable cushions on the internet and have already ordered for a few pieces. Perfect timing! I don't get lucky this often. :)

Anyway, going back to my story, my son loves fishes so we are having a Koi pond installed. Not so big though because we don't have too much space. A new platform for a barbecue is being constructed and I want it near the picnic table. We have a small picnic area under the huge mango tree. The gazebo will be getting a new roof. The old wooden swing will be restored so that we can enjoy it again. New plant boxes will line the stone fence. I also want a small area to plant my herbs. I do use fresh herbs when I cook. The tool shed and my husband's work shed are both being repaired and new shelves will be installed.

It has been several years since we last had our backyard redone. It's everybody's favorite lounge area on weekends and it's also our party place. It is like our family den, only it is outdoors. It is, after all, one of the coziest areas of the house. We even pitch tents there when our kids were younger. We would spend hours stargazing on clear nights as we toasted marshmallows. They even camped with some of their closest friends there. Our backyard has given our family some of its most memorable moments. It really needs some TLC. The makeover may hurt our pocket but hubs said, it'll hurt more if we don't do it now. Everything is going well and we hope to finish by next week.

My BIL's New House

My brother-in-law just bought a new house. There was a beehive of activity when we dropped by to check it out. Although it is new, he had some things added. The bathrooms had no bathtubs and he also added a jacuzzi in his backyard. His garden was being landscaped when we visited. Some lights and security cameras were being set up by electricians. A couple of guys were installing garage doors while his driveway was being paved. Professional cleaners were cleaning the bedrooms. His living and dining rooms are already finished. The kitchen has also been set up. New pumps were being installed for the pool while the pool itself was being cleaned.

It's a big house with three floors. All six bedrooms has its own bathroom. The cable guy had finished installing the cables and the wi-fi system is almost finished. He wants everything finished in a week so workers are working round the clock. He used to live in a condo and this is first house. He is single but wants a big place so the family can stay there on weekends. My husband's parents will be moving in wih him. The contemporary design suits his personality perfectly. We can't wait for our first sleepover, the kids will surely have a blast.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RT|WW - Skateboard Shopping

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cute Log Cabins

My mom's bestfriend invited us to stay at La Playa this weekend. It's a small private resort where she is a member. We have been there several times already, but we are more excited now because her log cabin is finished. We used to rent from one of the cute log cabins there before, this time she has her own. From what she told mom, it's bigger than the ones we've seen there because she has a bigger lot. Even my kids can't wait they love the place and we are all looking forward to seeing the new log cabin. Will tell you more about it next time.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lovely Lashes

Sure your mascara thickens your lashes and make them beautiful, but your makeup (especially the waterproof varieties) can leave those pretty lashes dry. The lashes, just like our hair, become brittle when they are dry.  I read somewhere that conditioning them with olive oil can bring back the moisture.

To fix:  Using a cotton swab, sweep olive oil on clean lashes before bed.  The oil's hydrating polyphenols will prevent breakage.  Do it nightly and you'll wake up to strong and thicker lashes.

Kids Know Best

My brother gave one of his xbox 360 hdmi cables to my son and we were wondering if he can use it with his Ps3.  My son said yes he can but hubs was doubtful so he checked the internet first.  When he found that it's possible, he got an "I told you" look from my son.  LOL.  Apparently, HDMIs are standard cables and a lot of people actually used them with their Ps3s.  You really can't beat the kids when it comes to gaming stuff.  They seem to know everything just by looking at it.

Cheap tickets

If you're looking for some activities to do this summer, you can take advantage of the cheap tickets sold at Cheap Seat.  Whether you want to see your favorite sports game or you want to treat your kids to a circus, you can easily make reservations for Ringling Brothers Circus tickets.  

Unlike in the past that you have to personally go there and buy Nassau Coliseum tickets as early as possible to make sure that you'll be able to see your favorite events, now you can simply buy them online.  Oh no, the site is not only selling Nassau tickets.  They also have Radio City Music Hall tickets, Celtic Woman tickets, United Center tickets and a lot more.  Whenever you feel like like watching, the site guarantees that you'll have a ticket.

SEO Dallas Helped Her Business

Starting an online shop, my cousin Lyn who lives in Dallas is looking for ways to raise awareness for her site. Although she has a targeted market for the products she's selling, traffic is a bit slow. I've been blogging for quite sometime and using an SEO helped me with increasing hits on my blogs. After hearing what I did, she enlisted the help of seo Dallas to help her promote her online store. In just a matter of days, she noticed a spike on her stat counter. Sales have increased and she receives numerous inquiries everyday. SEOs are great marketing tools. They're far less expensive than taking out an ad in the papers. Everybody's logging on to the internet for the stuff they need.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RT|WW - Mangoes

Wordless Wednesday

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