Backyard Makeover

We're having our backyard made over. The porch needs repainting and some of benches needs to be replaced. The old Bench Cushions need replacing to. I happened to find cheap and affordable cushions on the internet and have already ordered for a few pieces. Perfect timing! I don't get lucky this often. :)

Anyway, going back to my story, my son loves fishes so we are having a Koi pond installed. Not so big though because we don't have too much space. A new platform for a barbecue is being constructed and I want it near the picnic table. We have a small picnic area under the huge mango tree. The gazebo will be getting a new roof. The old wooden swing will be restored so that we can enjoy it again. New plant boxes will line the stone fence. I also want a small area to plant my herbs. I do use fresh herbs when I cook. The tool shed and my husband's work shed are both being repaired and new shelves will be installed.

It has been several years since we last had our backyard redone. It's everybody's favorite lounge area on weekends and it's also our party place. It is like our family den, only it is outdoors. It is, after all, one of the coziest areas of the house. We even pitch tents there when our kids were younger. We would spend hours stargazing on clear nights as we toasted marshmallows. They even camped with some of their closest friends there. Our backyard has given our family some of its most memorable moments. It really needs some TLC. The makeover may hurt our pocket but hubs said, it'll hurt more if we don't do it now. Everything is going well and we hope to finish by next week.

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