My BIL's New House

My brother-in-law just bought a new house. There was a beehive of activity when we dropped by to check it out. Although it is new, he had some things added. The bathrooms had no bathtubs and he also added a jacuzzi in his backyard. His garden was being landscaped when we visited. Some lights and security cameras were being set up by electricians. A couple of guys were installing garage doors while his driveway was being paved. Professional cleaners were cleaning the bedrooms. His living and dining rooms are already finished. The kitchen has also been set up. New pumps were being installed for the pool while the pool itself was being cleaned.

It's a big house with three floors. All six bedrooms has its own bathroom. The cable guy had finished installing the cables and the wi-fi system is almost finished. He wants everything finished in a week so workers are working round the clock. He used to live in a condo and this is first house. He is single but wants a big place so the family can stay there on weekends. My husband's parents will be moving in wih him. The contemporary design suits his personality perfectly. We can't wait for our first sleepover, the kids will surely have a blast.

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