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Monday, October 31, 2011

Look Young with Raspberries

Raspberries can make you look young.  The fruit's ellagic acid suppresses melanin, a skin pigment that causes the appearance of age spots and freckles.

One way to enjoy it, Banana-Berry Blast smoothie.  In blender, puree 1/2 small ripe banana, 1/4 cup fresh raspberries, 1/4 cup sliced strawberries, 1 container pomegranate-berry yogurt and 4 ice cubes 30 seconds. or until smooth.  Sweeten with honey or agave nectar to taste.  Garnish with fresh or frozen berries.

New Condo

My sister had just bought a new condo. The developer left it up to the owner to design the unit. Because it was bare, it did not cost much. My sister had already finished the living room and the two bedrooms. She converted the extra room into a study where she can work. The bathroom was the only room that was complete. She had always wanted modern furniture. Minimalist in away but very functional. The living room, the bedroom and her study all had televisions. Her dining room is very modest but with a modern fining set. A couch in her study can be converted to a small bed.

The kitchen is a very different story. My husband helped her install ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. With a very limited space, these were just perfect for her kitchen. They were easy to assmble and can accommodate all of her kitchen stuff. Everything was very accessible. She doesn't need a big refrigerator or a big stove. A medium sized ref would suffice. She's single and will not be cooking too much. The kitchen only took a couple of days to finish.

A small laundry area is situated just outside the kitchen. It has enough space for a drying area. She could even put some storage cabinets there. This is the very first home she bought with her own money. She wanted it to be perfect. We're all pitching in to help her make it the way she envisioned it. We're all happy for her.


All my friends love reading books. Nothing specific as all are wide readers. This why we decided to put up our very own book club. We have monthly meetings wherein we discuss and review the books we've read in the previous month.Our club has grown. We've accepted people from outside our group. We exchange books and I've put up a small library in my house for the club's books. Any member can come in and borrow the books there.

We've also had club shirts and pins made. We wear these when we attend book launches, signings and expos. Aside from us sharing books, we've also donated books to our local library so that our community will have more books to read. People still do their research in our library despite the massive information students can get from the internet. And we all thought that printed books are considered obsolete with the introduction of e-books. From time to time, we are asked to read books to students in our community school. We enjoy these events. It's feels great to spread the beauty of reading.

Members of our club also have benefits and perks. We give intelligent gifts to all birthday celebrators. They also get a cake from the club. We hold a small tea party for them. It has been almost five years since we started this club. From a core group of eight, we've grown to forty members. We do have male members too. I hope our club grows even bigger. This way we'll know that reading will continue to flourish.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cleaning Up

I was cleaning up some drawers when I found the baby shower invitations that we were never able to distribute.  I arranged for Mai to have a baby shower last May but it didn't push through because she was already advised not to move too much.  We were surprised that her cervix was already open and the twins were not supposed to come that time yet.  It was total bed rest for her and she wasn't even allowed to sit down unless it was necessary.  These invites will just serve now as souvenirs.  Rob and Mai plans to have the Christening this December.

Hot and Cool

The weather will start to get cold again soon but Mai is not worried because I gave the heated mattress pads my sister sent me last year.  Her twins couldn't sleep without the aircon but Mai feels cold easily.  With the heated pads, she can leave the air conditioner on while her twins are sleeping in their cots; she'll be warm enough while the twins enjoy the coolness of the room.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smooth Away Rough Itchy Skin

If indoor drying heat tends to leave your skin flaky and irritated, try adding 1 cup of baking soda to your next bath.  The slightly abrasive particles will gently slough off dead skin cells as you relax, so when you get out of the tub, you'll feel extra smooth and refreshed.  Then apply moisturizer to prevent further drying.  This treatment is great for windburned skin, too.

My Cousin's Unforgettable Wedding

It is the happiest time when you've finally met your soul mate and then you have decide to pop up the big question.  It is very exciting not only to you but to those who know that you are about to propose to the girl of your dreams.  That's what happened to my cousin when he asked for our help when he decided he wants to marry her girlfriend.  Everyone of us were excited to help him. 

My sister and I volunteered to help him find the perfect rings.  We've checked a lot of modern bridal sets before he finally settled for the 1 1/2 carat diamond wedding set.  It was made up of two rings: a 1 carat round cut engagement ring and a 1/4 carat wedding band in 14K white gold.  The price didn't matter to him because he wants their wedding to be sealed with the perfect ring.  Besides, they will wear their wedding bands all their lives so why would he choose a bad ring?

Helene was a very happy bride during their wedding, my cousin made sure of that.  With the joined efforts of her friends and families and ours, the couple was able to have a beautiful but simple wedding.  Her gown was very elegant and their rings, of course were stunning.  Everything was perfect on that day; the church, the venue, the food, the flowers, and even the weather.  They had a garden wedding and we were worried about the rain that day but it didn't pour. 

Helene and my cousin had the most memorable wedding in our family.  I have another cousin who's planning to get married next year; I'm sure the whole family will join forces again to have another beautiful and memorable wedding.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ward Off Wrinkles with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of nature's richest sources of beta-carotene, which the body uses to produce molecules that accelerate the renewal of the skin cells and improve cell cohesion.  Studies suggest this dual action can lead to a smoother complexion and fewer fine lines within 10 weeks.

The Trick to Long Cardigans

A long cardigan that's too small to fully wrap around makes the body appear larger.  So do with a thick knit with a bulky bow.  Your bumps and bulges will show with these cuts.  Choose a v-neck, it points the eye to the center of the waist, visually trimming inches off the hips and belly.

Tracfone for the whole family

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
My brother and his wife are going crazy with their kids' phone bill.  Theirs are even bigger than their bills! Kids these days are really crazy about cellphones, they can't seem to stop punching the keys and send text messages to their friends.  I'm sure they are not the only ones suffering from this dilemma.

So when I found out about Tracfone, I immediately told them about it.  I had to get them watch this video so they'll have an idea what I'm talking about.

My brother can get low cost phones for his kids, they also have Senior Value plans for mom and dad (I'll show them the video too).  He was convinced after watching the video.  Their plans are amazing because there are no contracts and the rates are unbelievably low.  My niece and nephew can Get into Everywhereness with Tracfone; they can text and stay connected with friends and family in a least expensive way.

They were easily approved because there were no credit checks when he applied.  And the best thing is there are no contracts so he doesn't have to be locked up with the service provider for two years.  His kids also love their new smart phones.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RT/WW - Coxcomb Rose

Wordless Wednesday

Lots of Bags

It's not very often that I buy handbags.  It's not that I don't like them; I actually love handbags, but very often, my handbags are given to me as gifts.  Every time a relative would come home from the US, I get a handbag.  My aunt who comes home every year always brings me a handbag.  It's like having a lifetime supply of different signature handbags.  Oh no, I'm not complaining, I really love their gifts.

However, when I really do like something, I buy.  I'm a wise shopper though.  Why would I buy an expensive bag when I have a regular supply of it from my aunt?   I usually buy my handbags  when they are on sale.  Like last time I was surfing the web I chanced upon a Matt and Nat Sale and I bought the Matt and Nat Cambria in black.  It was offered at 30 percent off.  I didn't want to buy it at first but when hubs said why not if I really like it, I grabbed the chance.  They also have it in brown but I preferred the black one.

Every two years I purge too.  I donate some of my bags to our local charity.  All these bags will pile up if I didn't do that.  I leave the ones I really like like the black Cambria.  This and my other favorites are the ones I rotate.  Another one of my favorites in the Nine West red bag that my brother sent me for my birthday last year.  Pretty soon it's Christmas, I'm sure I'm going to add something to my collection again.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Whiten Teeth for Pennies

Do your teeth need a pick me up?  Try this little trick.  Dip your wet toothbrush in baking soda, top with a dollop of toothpaste and brush as usual.  Repeat two to four times a month, depending on gum sensitivity.  The tiny abrasive baking soda particles will gently scour away plaque and stains that make teeth look dingy, revealing pearly whites after just one use.  Plus, baking soda neutralizes bad breath-causing germs.

Get it from the best: Botox North Vancouver

When it comes to looking sexy and beautiful, it is not surprising that women are willing to spend more just so they will look the way want. Ask a woman how much she spends on beauty products and you'll be awed at how much of her income goes to these products.  Women will do everything to look and feel beautiful.  It's not wonder more and more beauty clinics are opening to cater to this growing demand.  I have nothing against changing your looks.  Just make sure you go to a reliable clinic like botox north vancouver where you can get the best services.  You're spending your hard-earned money to look beautiful; you only deserve the best.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You can try Botox Injections Vancouver

Do you know what causes aging?  Stress, lack of sleep, dry skin, sun exposure and repeated facial movements such as smiling, frowning and squinting can lead to the early signs of aging.  These fine lines and wrinkles can appear even if you are only in your early thirties.  However, these unsightly lines can be easily concealed through Botox.  If you're game to try it, I would suggest you go to botox injections vancouver.  They have the most experienced doctors to perform botox injections.  It is done by injecting an anti wrinkle treatment to relax the muscles that are causing the fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a smooth and youthful look.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Watercress, a beautifier

Watercress can help make your hair, skin and nails look fab.  Thanks to the veggies rich stores of zinc, it stimulates protein and collagen renewal to keep skin free of acne and your nails strong; Vitamin A which boosts skin cell production to ward off lines; and calcium which is a building block for hair, nails and teeth.  The greens also contain glucosinolates, compounds that help skin maintain a vibrant glow.

A sure way to enjoy the greens is to whip up a Watercress Pesto. Just puree the leaves wsith olive oil, garlic and pine nuts or walnuts, and Parmesan cheese. It's great for marinades, a Bruschetta topping or in cold or hot pasta dishes.

Enjoying Lower Bills

Has it ever happened to you that your child's phone bill is bigger than yours?  I freaked out when last summer's bill showed that I owe the service provider a lot of money and that's for text messages only.  It was a good thing that a month later after that incident, the lock-up period on that particular contract was finished.  I told him that we are switching to Straight Talk.  We need to cut on our costs and we can't do that if he will always shock me with his monthly bills.  I can Feel Richer with Android if we switch now.

They have an unlimited monthly plan for only only $45.  He can call, text, use the web, and send picture messages all he wants without having to pay more.  I thought it will be hard to convince him because he didn't want to let go of his old number, but when I told him that he'll also get a touch screen phone and he can now enjoy The power of Android, he didn't think twice.  Here, watch this video so you'll have an idea what I'm talking about.

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

The bill was cut in half when we made the switch and my son is enjoying most of the apps.  He has also downloaded a lot of free games.  My contract will be finished a couple of months more and I too, will make the switch.

The Pedicure Test

You Are Wild at Heart

You think it's a shame to take anything too seriously. You try your best to live life with a light heart.

You never want to let anyone down. You do your best to especially never let yourself down.

You are a free spirit, but deep down you are reliable and trustworthy. You honor your commitments.

Whenever you are single, you are very ready to love. You have an open heart.

Water Hazard

My cousin moved to an old house in Boston. He recently found work there. Starting from scratch, he had to make do with his little savings. The old house he moved into is quite inexpensive and is located very near his work. The house was modestly furnished. It only had two rooms. He's single and the place was just perfect for him. Both rooms were in the second floor. The bathroom was sandwiched by the two rooms. He complained hearing weird noises and thought the house was haunted. It would take less than two weeks before he discovered the origin of the noises.

The old house had old plumbing. The years had taken its toll on the pipes. While taking a shower one morning, a pipe burst. Water was spewing everywhere. The mishap drenched the entire living room. It also ruined the ceiling. The living room's new carpet got wet and rust, debris and all sorts or dirt all covered the carpet. In less than a two weeks, his new home had become a water hazard. He had to quickly have the carpet cleaned as well as replace the pipes and repair the ceiling. The place was a complete mess. He called in Carpet Cleaning Boston to have the carpet professionally cleaned. He hired a certified plumber and a carpenter to fix the ceiling.

Everything was well after the incident. No more weird noises or leaking pipes. He realized that he should have checked out the place more thoroughly before he sealed the deal. At least now the house is fine. He even had the wiring changed. Water damage can easily be dealt with. A fire on the other hand is more devastating.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome Home

My daughter will be moving with us together with kids. Her husband is working abroad. We're preparing a room for her and a nursery for her twins. We've already bought playpens  for her kids and their room is filled with toys and children's books. A door separates my daughter's room from the nursery. We've bought a new bed for her and I've also bought several zippered mattress covers for her new mattress. She has her own bathroom and walk-in closet. We've already repainted both rooms and we've installed new air conditioning units. The rooms will be finished in a few days and we're too excited that my daughter and grandchildren will be arriving in a couple of weeks.

Aside from preparing the rooms they'll be staying in, we're also hosting a welcome home party. I'll be inviting our friends and relatives as well as my daughter's closest friends. I'm very sure they'll be happy to see her and her beautiful twins. Everyone is excited and her friends are helping setup the homecoming party. They took care of the food and have hired a good caterer to provide the food and drinks for the affair. Our relatives have pitched in in preparing the house. My sister bought the playpens and bedding. My sister-in-law bought baby clothes. Everyone is giving different gifts for the twins. We all would like them to feel the warmth of everyone who loves them.

My husband and I cannot wait for their arrival. We would love to have them live with us. Now we won't have to wait for holidays or special events just to spend time with them. Her husband had suggested they move in with us while he is away. He would feel more secure if they stay with us. It's nice to see them finally home.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RT/WW - On The Street Where You Live

Wordless Wednesday

thumbs up!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It could be your Lipstick

Are you always feeling tired?  Check your lipstick.  Ingesting even a small amount of gluten can bring on brain fog, fatigue and weight gain.  A lot of lipsticks, even the most popular brands, contain this protein so when you apply it on your lips then you lick or eat something can cause the symptoms.  So how do your know if your lipstick contains the protein?  Check the label and look for these words:  hydrolyzed wheat with protein, gluten, starch, bran, germ or amino acids.  The words barley extract, grain extract, oat kernel, oat extract, protein, flour or amino acids may also indicate that there is gluten in your lipstick.


While at Northpoint Shopping Center, hubs chanced upon a sale on one of the shops. Their laserjet ink cartridges are up on sale and the price cut off is almost 50 percent off.  Hubs bought a few because we use a lot of ink  for school projects and for printing the score results of the bowling tournament he manages.  He'd buy more if he wasn't worried that they might dry up if it takes him too long to use the ink.  It's not very often that you chance upon a sale on ink cartridges, he says.

He Got an Insurance

After much research my brother and his wife got a motorhome repair insurance. They were on a camping trip last time when their rv broke down.  He was able to call for service but since they didn't have an insurance that time it cost him a lot.  From then on he vowed that they will never travel without insurance.  He doesn't want to get trapped in a dark highway again with his family.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RT/WW - Camera Shy

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cracked Heels II

Splits on parched thickened skin on the heel are painful especially if you put pressure on your feet.  Even by just walking it can cause tears in the healthy tissue underneath, resulting in needle-like pain with every step.  To remedy cracked heels, swipe a couple of drops of liquid bandage into the clean fissure, then pinch the skin together as it dries.  This will stop the pain immediately and help seal the wound.  It will also prevent the crack from becoming deeper.  Next, apply a foot balm containing lactic acid.  It will help soften the hardened areas and melt away the dead skin layers of skin.  Your heels will look and feel better instantly and they will become less likely to crack over time.

Dreaming of Jerusalem

If there is one thing I would love to do right now if I have the time and money, I would book a Tour to Israel and explore the Holy land. I love to watch travel shows and I have seen their episode about Israel where they featured the old city of Jerusalem. There are too many religious sites to explore -- the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall, Temple Mount, and the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque -- sites where Jesus has been. I've seen the travelers place a prayer between the cracks of the huge stones on the Western Wall; I'd love to do that too and see the site of Jesus' crucifixion.

I've seen the Israel Tours packages on the internet and I think they are fairly priced. Maybe next summer hubs and I could book a Bar mitzvah tours Israel and go. Had I known that it's not too expensive to visit Israel we could have gone there instead of booking for Singapore. We are scheduled to leave next week and spend seven days there. We didn't expect that the tour will be very expensive. Next year though, I will be wiser in choosing where to go.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RT/WW - Craving for KitKat

Wordless Wednesday

The New Bath Vanity

My daughter and her family moved in with us last Saturday.  Rob, her husband is due to leave next month so we'll be taking care of her and the twins while he is away.  I was too excited that they were moving in right away that I had forgotten to shop for bath vanities.  We had to take out the sink last time when we were fixing the guest room for them because it was broken.  Hubs and I went shopping for bath vanities yesterday.

Their bathroom is not so big so we chose a corner bathroom sink. Hubs wanted to utilize the corner so they will have a bigger space to move around the bathroom especially that they have kids.  He thought of the corner sinks he saw on the internet but we had no idea if we could easily find a corner sink here.  When we arrived at the home depot, we were the ones who were surprised because there were so many corner sinks to choose from.

Hubs chose a pedestal sink. It is not as functional as the one with full cabinet with drawers and doors where you can keep towels and toiletries. He finished installing it this morning and it added a widening visual effect to the their bathroom. It's pretty and it matched the theme of the bathroom.

Auntie Elisa's Gifts

I am helping out a cousin choose a gift for his mom, my favorite auntie.  Will lives in CT while the rest of his family lives here in the Philippines.  It's Auntie Elisa's birthday next week and he thought of sending her flowers.  She goes crazy with flowers that's why whenever there is an occasion, she gets lots of it.

Aside from sending her a bunch of roses, I suggested that he also sends her a gift basket.  I saw several cute birthday gift baskets from the website where I will be ordering the flowers.  That will definitely make Auntie Elisa's day.

I thought these unique gift baskets are expensive.  My cousin and I were surprised when we saw the prices.  They also offered a lot of gift basket ideas that we had a tough time choosing what to give her.  We later on decided on the sweet treats.  Although she can make the best chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies, she still goes crazy over these goodies.

I specifically instructed that the flowers and gift basket be delivered during Auntie Elisa's birthday dinner.  All of us will be there and I would love to see and capture her reaction once she gets her gifts.  Then I will be sending the photos to Will.

Internal Security

If you think theft exclusively is done by criminals from the outside, you are so wrong. Ask any police investigator and he'll tell you that big crimes are perpetrated in cahoots with insiders. Inside jobs in police parlance is quite common. To ensure that no such times can be carried out, businesses install CT security systems. These systems ensure that movements inside these businesses are monitored at all times. A CCTV security camera is installed in all critical areas. Security systems are now more elaborate but easy to use. It practically operates itself with very little human intervention.

As in most offices, networks are used for data retrieval and access. Intranets are the heart of these operations. Data cabling ensures fast operation. Professionals now handle the installation, service and maintenance of these networks. It is not simply software-based but relies heavily on hardware. Modems, routers and ports handle the hardware part of these networks. These networks have security software to ensure the integrity of data. All these security systems work hand in hand to protect each business both from actual theft and cyber theft. External threats are easy to deter, threats from within is more devastating to a business or company. 

'Tis The Season

I'm now preparing all my cards and invitations for the Christmas season. I'll be sending out Personalized Holiday Cards instead of buying them off the rack. I have some paintings of winter scenery which I intend to use on my Personalized Greeting Cards to my friends and loved ones. I want the recipient to feel special. I want them to know that I went out of my way to give them something for Christmas. I also enclose a little something for my nephews and nieces. At least they'll have something to put into their piggy banks and bank accounts. The rest get gift certificates and vouchers.

I also host a Christmas party and reunion on Christmas day. It has a different theme every year. This year it would be a modern theme. To let everyone know this year's theme, I'm sending out Modern Invitations. My house's decorations will also be modern including the Christmas tree. My son has a few ideas to make this year's party more fun. Our guests will surely enjoy the games we have in store for them. I have also bought items for prizes for the games and our annual raffle. Everyone will really have a blast as I'm going all out. 

Class Act

A classy tuxedo or suit will never be complete without cufflinks. Some men would do away with cufflinks but not my husband. He literally has dozens of cufflinks for every occasion. He's used to social gatherings where the who's who is present. Being in the advertising industry allows him to rub shoulders with celebrities and VIPs. His suits are all tailor made by his favorite haberdashery. His ties are also some of the best around. He doesn't take shortcuts when he dresses up. Everything has to perfectly fit. He never mixes any of his suits. Each and every suit is an ensemble, from the shirt to the shoes. Even his shoes are made to order.

He considers these are investments. What you wear can leave lasting impressions. This one way of telling potential clients that they'll be dealing with a successful company. No wonder he has been getting big projects and even edging out the big names. The young upstarts could pick up a thing or two from him. He expects his staff to carry themselves as well as he does. He wants them to look impeccable when tey go on meetings and presentations. I guess his father's traits has rubbed off on him. His Dad is quite a dresser too. Being a successful banker, his father always dresses up. He too is a class act. 
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