Enjoying Lower Bills

Has it ever happened to you that your child's phone bill is bigger than yours?  I freaked out when last summer's bill showed that I owe the service provider a lot of money and that's for text messages only.  It was a good thing that a month later after that incident, the lock-up period on that particular contract was finished.  I told him that we are switching to Straight Talk.  We need to cut on our costs and we can't do that if he will always shock me with his monthly bills.  I can Feel Richer with Android if we switch now.

They have an unlimited monthly plan for only only $45.  He can call, text, use the web, and send picture messages all he wants without having to pay more.  I thought it will be hard to convince him because he didn't want to let go of his old number, but when I told him that he'll also get a touch screen phone and he can now enjoy The power of Android, he didn't think twice.  Here, watch this video so you'll have an idea what I'm talking about.

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

The bill was cut in half when we made the switch and my son is enjoying most of the apps.  He has also downloaded a lot of free games.  My contract will be finished a couple of months more and I too, will make the switch.

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