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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RT|WW - The Fire Hydrant

Wordless Wednesday

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They Love Fishing!

Summer means swimming, the beach and of course... fishing! My family loves to go fishing , so whenever we go to the beach, they expect to go fishing. The kids would ask their dad to hire a small boat and they don't mind waking up real early to catch fish. But it's not like when you hire a bigger boat at Charter Fishing Destin. Ours is just a small wooden boat that would carry around ten to twelve people. We'd spend the whole morning fishing for small red snappers and sometimes, groupers. We don't mind if we get the small ones, what really excites the kids is when their fishing rods wiggle, they know they got something!

The best fishing experience they had was when we went to Boracay a few summers ago. We went to as far as 60 feet and the fishes we caught were bigger. After a couple of hours we had 3 buckets full of red snappers and groupers. When we went back to the resort, we went straight to the kitchen and asked if they can cook them for us. No we didn't cook all of them, the rest were given to local residents. For the first time, my kids enjoyed eating fish!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Juicy Plum

Do you like plums? Then here's some good news that will surely make you love the juicy fruit all the more. Beauty treatments prepared with plums provide stellar protection from the sun's damaging rays. Thanks to the fruit's vitamin A, an antioxidant that reverses UV damage by speeding the regeneration of surface skin cells. Experts say, a weekly plum facial can keep your skin looking young and fresh for years to come.

For a radiance-revealing mask, do this. In a food processor, blend 2 pitted, peeled plums and 1 egg white until smooth. Using your fingertips, gently apply mixture to face and let sit 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse skin thoroughly with cool water.

But that's not all, the plum can do so much more. A plum a day can reduce the appearance of spider veins. It's also packed with vitamin K that helps produce thrombin, a protein that thicken blood. According to Audrey Kunin, M. D., a dermatologist in Missourri, "The thicker blood is rerouted to larger healthy blood vessels, causing the damaged vessels that form spider veins to shrink." So savor one juicy plum a day to reduce appearance of these unsightly veins.

My Way To Thin

For several months now, indoor walking seems to work for me. I'm proud of the 16 pounds I lost considering that I only exercise for 30 minutes five times a week (less on busy weeks). I didn't change my diet too but I had to cut back a little. Instead of having a cup of rice during lunch and dinner, now I only have half a cup. I splurge more on veggies and fruits. I feel so much lighter and more energetic though I know I still have a long way to go. I'm saving up on fitness equipment. Lol, I'm not planning to put up a gym in my home. I just want something to help tone my body and who knows, having one might encourage hubs to start working out too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RT|WW - Red Beetle

Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mend Split Ends

Has it been months since your last visit to the salon? Don't worry, you can treat those split ends at home. Simply whisk together 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and 1 tablespoon honey, then apply to damp hair. Wrap hair in plastic wrap and wait 30 minutes before washing. The honey moisturizes the hair, while the lecithin in egg and the squalene in olive oil act as sealants to temporarily heal split ends.

Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Grey’s Anatomy Fans

Twitter has served as an excellent social media networking tool. When it comes to a hugely popular television show such as Grey’s Anatomy, Twitter works as a great tool for bringing together fans from all over the world. Here we look at the top Twitter accounts to follow and learn all about the show.
1. Grey’s Haven : This is literally dedicated to the biggest Grey’s Anatomy fans out there. You can find discussions on last night’s show or an analysis on why a character is engaging in a certain behavior. This measures and discusses all things about the popular show, and therefore is a big hit amongst fans from everywhere. So if you happen to be a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, this is surely an account that you want to stay tuned into on a regular basis.
2. Grey’s Blog : This just goes to show the popularity of this show as this is a global account and feeds into people all over the world. You can look for updates and great discussions here as the owner considers it to be a sort of working blog dedicated to all things related or about Grey’s Anatomy. It’s interesting to see a global point of view and keep tuned into the happenings through this account.
3. Dr. Arizona Robbins : As if people needed a reminder of just how popular this TV show is, an account like this can serve as an excellent one. This is an account set up by an outside party to speak to the first hand point of view of one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Arizona Robbins. Though it does not come from the actress directly, this is a great testament to how far fans will go to pay homage to their favorite medical drama through Twitter.
4. Sara Ramirez Fans : This was set up as a fan site for all those who are real life admirers of Sara Ramirez, the actress that plays Dr. Callie Torres. Not only can you see what the actress has been up to through this account, but you can get updates on her character and the show directly. There are sites like this for just about every character, showing even more proof that this show has some serious staying power.
5. Dr. Meredith Grey : Here’s another example of a fan who just can’t contain their love of the show. Sites like this that are set up to reflect the “real voice” of the character are set up all over Twitter and for every character on the show. Though there may be no real life affiliation with the star, these accounts do prove to be full of information on the show and the character specifically.
Grey’s Anatomy proves to be a television show with real staying power. Now with the age of social media, we see that Twitter serves as the perfect basis for those interested in all things about the show to meet and discuss all the dirty details.
Mary Ward blogs about how to choose among online MHA programs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WW - What do you think?

Wordless Wednesday

That's my sister trying out a costume. I think pink suits her! Haha.

Preventing Acne

They say that acne can be avoided and there many ways to do that. Proper skin care, change of diet and proper acne medications are just some of them. According to the article I have read, it may be necessary to go on a cleansing diet to get rid of the impurities in your system. This is to flush out the toxins that's causing you to breakout. You should also be drinking six to eight glasses of water daily. Water keeps you hydrated and is important for the health of your skin.

And when you do see blemishes and blackheads, don't dare pop them. It might cause infections. Lastly, don't worry about it too much, it will eventually go away.

Clean and Detoxify

Every single day, we are exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals. Wherever you may be; at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, our food and water supply, and through the use of oral medicine, we cannot get away from these toxins. Consuming more sugar, drinking alcohol and eating processed foods can add more hazard. We need to take care of our body by changing our lifestyle, eating healthy and through colon cleansing. Flushing away toxins can help us function well and avoid becoming ill.

My Niece's Weight Problems

Worried about her daughter being so skinny, my SIL did everything she can to help her gain more weight. She gave her vitamins and fed her nutritious food (that she rarely finish) but her weight remains the same. We didn't realize that gaining weight could be a problem too. If only I could exchange places with her (hahaha). We did some research on how to increase muscle mass and learned a lot of things. I hope the articles we found can help her start gaining weight.

More of me

I know I have not been posting much of my photos here but I promise I will. I will have to dye my hair more often and use my wrinkle cream so I won't look old in my photos. Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessed with my age, I'm only 42 and I have no problems with that. I just don't want those white hair showing in my photos. :)

Acting Fast on Acne

My teenage son is beginning to notice blemishes on his forehead. I had to act immediately and find the best acne treatments for him. I want them treated while they're just starting. I don't want him to suffer like I did. I was a frequent visitor of dermatology clinics back then and I know how embarrassing it was to have all those blemishes on your face. And if I have to remind him every night to apply that cream, I will!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Radiant Skin

Want silky-smooth skin? You'll never go wrong with milk and honey! Milk contains lactic acid, which gently sloughs off dead cells. This process makes way for honey's moisturizing properties to fully penetrate skin. The dynamic duo also works to plump the skin slightly so even facial lines will vanish on contact. Next time you're in the beauty bar, look for a soap and lotion that contain milk and honey. :)

Carrer Path

It's tough to land a job that suits your educational background and expertise. More often than not, you end up with something that you don't like. There are jobs out there that will fit you. The net is teeming with classifieds that are perfect career paths for you. Work becomes more fruitful if you enjoy it. You become more productive because it matches your course. Don't be a prisoner of a job you don't like. Work should not be simply something that you earn from, it should be something that lets you grow and brings out the best in you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WW - It's so hot!

Wordless Wednesday

It's scorching hot, I can't wait until schools are off and head to the beach. Three weeks seems so long. :(

Elegant and Affordable Home Plans

Your family is starting to grow and whether you are considering moving and buying a new home or you have plans of improving your old home, the big question is "What home plans can I afford?" You know how a simple house plan can break your bank. Your budget should be thought of carefully because remember, this is a major decision. When you think of home improvements, or building a home, you need the experts to assist you, experts who can give you the best house plans suited to your taste and needs, at reasonable prices.

Well, looking for both is now a cinch. At House Plans and More, everything is right at your fingertips. No more costly house plans! Having an architect design a house plan for you definitely sounds like a great idea, if you have the budget for it. But what's more practical than choosing pre-drawn plans and customize it to your liking? These pre-drawn plans could be your starting point to custom design your dream house and add all the amenities to satisfy the needs of your family. You save yourself from professional fees!

My Brother's Pond

Now that my brother is done with his home renovation, it is time to take care of the pond. He wanted to revive the old, dried up pond in his backyard and bought some koi fishes. Of course he got himself a durable and long lasting pond aerator. He's more careful now because the last time he had fishes in that pond, they didn't live long because of poor quality pond aerator.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RT|WW - Rose Apple Fruit

Wordless Wednesday

It's so summer and it's the season for the sweet and juicy Macopa fruits.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Trick To Shrink Pores

Are you worried about those pores that look a little large? Dab them with deodorant. Surprised? Don't be. This doctor-approved trick will temporarily constrict the pores and reduce the amount of oil our skin produces during the day. Here's what you should do: Take a very small amount of roll-on deodorant and dab it where pores are most obvious (normally the t-zone area). The deodorant will tighten the pores, enough to last you for a day.

Fashionable Scrubs

Hospital gowns and uniforms are drab and very ordinary. Instead of the patient feeling better, the feel of hospital gown's texture makes the patient feel more sick, more so when they see those boring uniforms hospital staff are wearing. If you had a choice of what uniforms to wear, wouldn't that make your patients feel better seeing fashionable hospital uniforms? Gowns and uniforms should not look ordinary, but should be fashionable as well.

A lot of your patients would feel more at ease and will have a fast recovery when nurses and hospital staff are wearing fashionable koi uniforms. Scrubs and Beyond have released their latest designs where patients, nurses and hospital staff can wear "not-so hospital look" uniforms. These koi scrub pants and koi scrubs are so fashionable that they don't even look like uniforms at all. The patients wouldn't even think they are in a hospital.

Scrubs and Beyond also offer maternity scrubs and gowns for nursing moms. They will find these gowns very useful and comfortable and still keep their dignity and respect intact as they don't need to disrobe when they go visit the ob-gyne for any chest or breast or upper body examination.

There are so many designs and colors to choose from. Scrubs and Beyond have front access panel/top for nursing moms, back opening top so you don't need to remove shirt/blouse to access back, roll-up sleeves to make chemotherapy, dialysis, etc. treatments easier and less disruptive, interior pockets/tops to discreetly place drainage bags, monitors, or pumps, and fashionable uniforms for nurses and staff.

Smart Way To Spend Less

If your budget is tight this year (well, whose isn't!), we all try our best to cut costs and find the best value for our hard-earned money. That's why I count on Best Buy to find great deals on everything - electronics, school supplies, clothes, vitamins, books and much more. I always make sure to check on their daily deals where most items are 50 percent off, sometimes more. Shipping is free so you save a lot more. It only takes a little effort to find great deals but it makes a lot of difference on your bank account.

Almost There

With only a semester to go, my daughter is graduating from college. Oh my, I can't wait to distribute those graduation announcements my mom and I have been preparing. We are all so excited and very proud, of course. After working so hard to send our kids to school, this is the best reward ever! I might be overreacting because it's still too early for congratulations, but I just can't help it. A semester won't be too long. :)

HIgh Risk Life Insurance

As soon as my uncle was diagnosed with high blood pressure, he immediately thought of purchasing another insurance to secure his family. But instead of the regular one, this time it's high risk life insurance. This type of insurance is specifically for those who participate in hazardous activities and for those who suffer from serious illness. People who fall under these categories are not usually qualified to purchase regular life insurance. Though the rates are a little bit higher, rest assured that you can still protect your loved ones with high risk life insurance.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RT|WW - Roses in Decline

Wordless Wednesday

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