Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Grey’s Anatomy Fans

Twitter has served as an excellent social media networking tool. When it comes to a hugely popular television show such as Grey’s Anatomy, Twitter works as a great tool for bringing together fans from all over the world. Here we look at the top Twitter accounts to follow and learn all about the show.
1. Grey’s Haven : This is literally dedicated to the biggest Grey’s Anatomy fans out there. You can find discussions on last night’s show or an analysis on why a character is engaging in a certain behavior. This measures and discusses all things about the popular show, and therefore is a big hit amongst fans from everywhere. So if you happen to be a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, this is surely an account that you want to stay tuned into on a regular basis.
2. Grey’s Blog : This just goes to show the popularity of this show as this is a global account and feeds into people all over the world. You can look for updates and great discussions here as the owner considers it to be a sort of working blog dedicated to all things related or about Grey’s Anatomy. It’s interesting to see a global point of view and keep tuned into the happenings through this account.
3. Dr. Arizona Robbins : As if people needed a reminder of just how popular this TV show is, an account like this can serve as an excellent one. This is an account set up by an outside party to speak to the first hand point of view of one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Arizona Robbins. Though it does not come from the actress directly, this is a great testament to how far fans will go to pay homage to their favorite medical drama through Twitter.
4. Sara Ramirez Fans : This was set up as a fan site for all those who are real life admirers of Sara Ramirez, the actress that plays Dr. Callie Torres. Not only can you see what the actress has been up to through this account, but you can get updates on her character and the show directly. There are sites like this for just about every character, showing even more proof that this show has some serious staying power.
5. Dr. Meredith Grey : Here’s another example of a fan who just can’t contain their love of the show. Sites like this that are set up to reflect the “real voice” of the character are set up all over Twitter and for every character on the show. Though there may be no real life affiliation with the star, these accounts do prove to be full of information on the show and the character specifically.
Grey’s Anatomy proves to be a television show with real staying power. Now with the age of social media, we see that Twitter serves as the perfect basis for those interested in all things about the show to meet and discuss all the dirty details.
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