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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pamper Your Lips

Dry lips?  Care for your kisser with this DIY ultra-rich balm I found.  To do:  Mix three teaspoons of petroleum jelly with one teaspoon of homey and a dash of cinnamon.  Keep the mixture in an empty lip balm pot, and apply using smooth, slow strokes so you can feel the sensation of your fingertips across your mouth.  The result?  Smooth and luscious kisser.

The Unbearable Winter Itch

Every winter, my sister's skin turns dry and itchy from head to toe.  She bought lotion for ultra dry skin and religiously applied it throughout the day.  It only helped for a few minutes, and then she's right back to scratching.

Last year was the worst.  It was late at night and she couldn't sleep because of the irritation her skin was causing her.  She drove to the hospital alone, went straight to the emergency room and asked the nurse in cotton scrub to attend to her immediately.  She was already checking her when the doc in white lab coat came and saw the condition of her skin.  She immediately called for the dermatologist on duty so medication can be given right away.  My sister felt better when she took the medicine.  The doc also gave her a special cream she can apply on her skin  whenever it gets super dry.

The cold weather is fast approaching, although she now know what to take and use once her skin starts to get dry, she's keeping her fingers crossed that she doesn't have to see the medical staff in scrub sets again.  Like my mom, she's terrified of hospitals.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RT|WW - Red Umbrella

Wordless Wednesday

This beautiful painting would look great on my wall. :)

Fast Printing Service

Having your catalogs and business cards printed is now easier than ever.  With just a click of a mouse, you can have  your catalog printing done within 24 hours.  No more waiting for more than a week, and sometimes months if there's a long line of customers who want to have their catalogs printed.  I remember when I worked in the family business, it used to take weeks to have your business cards printed.  Ahh, the leaps in technology is making things a lot easier for all of us. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tighten Skin with this Oil

Problem batwings?  Here's the good news, tightening the loose skin under your arms may be easier than we thought.  The secret ingredient is rosemary oil.  According to experts, the oil's stimulating compounds increase circulation in muscles and skin, creating a firmer appearance in just two weeks.  The essential oil also contains antioxidants (carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid) which help repair and safeguard collagen for firmer skin.

Here's how to do it:  Simply mix 3 drops of rosemary oil into your body moisturizer and massage into arms (or any area that may need toning) daily.  I've spent a lot on firming lotions but I didn't see results,  I'm definitely giving this one a try.

You can also make the oil at home.  Here's the recipe:

  • 8 sprigs of Fresh Rosemary Herb
  • 600 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or any other oil
  • Sterilize a big bottle which can hold the 600 ml of olive oil.
  • Dry it completely and put in the sprigs of rosemary.
  • Pour the olive oil in the bottle over the rosemary and close the bottle tightly.
  • Allow the rosemary to infuse into the olive oil. In order to do so, keep the bottle in a sunny place for about 4 weeks.
  • Open the bottle and strain the infused oil through 3 pieces of muslin or cheesecloth.
  • Store the strained oil in another sterilized bottle.

Oh no, Math again!

Just like my son,  my nephew is also having some problems with math. He's doing well in his other subjects except for this one. In fact, he perfected his last exam in science.   It used to be a difficult subject for him too but since his mom got him Physics help, everything went easy for him.  His mom is also a teacher (an English teacher) but she admitted that the lessons now are very different than our math before and even she is having a hard time to keep up.

I told my SIL that I got Geometry help for Joey, and if she is looking for a tutor who could assist my nephew on the subject, I can recommend a good math tutor.  A few sessions with her and my nephew will surely have no problems dealing with difficult math questions and even prime numbers.

I told her to check the website asap.  The sooner my nephew gets help the better.  Third quarter exams are just a few weeks away.  He's on his last year in high school and he can't afford to get a failing grade in math again.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watermelon Beautifies

Eating watermelon can be great for your skin.  Wanna know why? It is packed with skin-nourishing antioxidants like vitamins A and C, plus lycopene.  These nutrients strengthen the skin's sun-defense network by building collagen and preventing free radical damage that can cause wrinkles and sun spots.

Glad She Liked It

My brother said Nadine loved the tanzanite earrings I sent her. She was still a little girl when she left the Philippines but now she is already in senior high.  Her dad said she is now very tall a a little bit on the heavy side.  I didn't know what to give her so hubs and I thought a piece of jewelry will be fine.  I found this perfect pair for her the day before my brother left.

Clean your colon.

Having a clean colon is your way to healthy living.  If you want to achieve that, you may either do it naturally, with the use of a colon cleanse product, or by having a colonic. I would feel a lot safer with herbal colon cleansing.  There are also a variety of food prepackaged with lots of fibers so you eat delicious foods and have a clean colon at the same time.  Go for foods that are big time in cutting your cancer risk.

My Sleep Aid

I heard my two kids talking last night.  The conversation went like this:

Son:  Why does mom only uses her iPod when she's about to sleep?
Daughter:  It's mom's sleep aid.  If you're to sleep with dad's loud snores, you'll definitely want to stick those earbuds in your ears so you can sleep easily!
Son:  Ahh , that's why.  (laughs out loud)

I was smiling too while listening to them.  Well it's one of the reasons but  I got used to hubs' snoring over the years, haha.  The real reason is to relax my brain.  Having lots of to-dos get me really tired that may brain can't seem to rest once I lie down.  hubs was laughing too when he heard the story.

What Creatine Does

Creatine is a supplement used by most athletes to promote muscle growth and boost energy levels. Unlike popular energy drinks that you get from groceries, creatine powder is also believed to promote muscle growth.  According to athletes who have taken creatine, it starts working from the first use. and they got less muscle fatigue than when they only had an energy drink.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RT|WW - Red Palm

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Say Bye To Dry Lips

You can kiss heavy lipstick goodbye with this delicious tip I found to achieve naturally beautiful lips.  To do:  gently massage lips with a sugar cube dabbed in honey, then wipe clean.  The sugar buffs away dead cells, and honey is an amazing humectant.  Finish it off with a bit balm for a subtle yet stunning sheen.  :)

Just think About Muscles

I have read that visualizing yourself performing a fitness move boosts workout results by 29 percent.  So when you are doing an exercise, particularly for abs, picture those muscles getting tight and focus your breath on blowing air out.  The trick will enable you to contract your muscles even more, do it together with appetite suppressants that work and you're on your way to sexy.  According to Hollywood celebs who have tried it, it's a way to increase your toning and get the most out of your workout.

She's Pregnant!

Five years ago, my friend Marie knew she'd been gaining weight, she just didn't realize that everyone else had noticed, too.  It only became clear when a colleague caught her munching cookies at her desk.  She thought Marie was pregnant and announced it to their office mates.  Humiliated, she immediately checked several diet pill reviews and have decided that pigging out is over.  It must have been good for her because after only a month of taking it, she already lost weight.  Her carb cravings disappeared and she looks happier and energetic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RT|WW - A lot of birds would be happy...

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Key To Silky, Radiant Skin

Is your skin dry, flaky and dull?  Here's the fix to get it feeling silky again in no time, add 1/2 tablespoon of yogurt to 1 tablespoon of moisturizer and apply to your body at bedtime.  The yogurt will help the lotion sink into your skin, ant its lactic acid will dissolve any dry patches.  Do this simple ritual and you'll wake up to beautiful, radiant skin.

New Apps

The kids had a problem downloading some apps for their iPod touch.  They wanted to put new games, including my favorite game, Plant vs. Zombies.  Problem is, iTunes only accepts US accounts.  :(  Good thing my siblings are there to their rescue.  They offered their iTunes accounts to the kids.  Now they can download ipod touch  applications and games as much as they want, unlimited!  Haha.

Tis the season to get married

While June is the most popular month to get married,many couples choose the month of December to tie the knot.  The reason?  I really don't know but it's probably because December is a festive season.  It has become the second most popular month to get married so as early as September and October, you'll see bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal trade shows in malls along with the holiday displays. I am both a June and December bride.  Hubs and I were married secretly in December of 1996.  Six months later, we had the church wedding.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RT|WW - What could it be?

Wordless Wednesday

I am not so sure of this one.  Hubs and I found this while we were taking an afternoon walk.  We were wondering if it's a water pump or a fire hydrant.  The thing is, it is red and it's a perfect RUBY entry.

Moving Woes

Last month, mom and I received the great news from my brother.  Their housing loan was approved and now they are ready to move to their new home.  They are all excited of course, especially the kids.  And instead of worrying on moving all their belongings by themselves, my brother and his wife have decided to hire professional movers.  I don't think they can manage to do it on their own.  My brother is busy with his work and usually goes home late, my sister-in-law is also working, she is a nurse by the way and very pregnant (the baby is due early next month).  :)  And the kids are back in school so it will be difficult to pack and unpack, that can take longer!  It is never too easy to move a household especially if your have a lot of stuff.  If you have tried moving to another place, you know that it requires a lot of time and effort and patience.  I've been there!  :(

Hiring professional movers like Boston Moving Company, is a wise move.  At least all these moving worries will be taken out of you.  All you need to worry about is the cost, which is not really worrisome at all, my brother says.  :)  They will be the ones to pack, store, move and unpack your stuff.  Plus, the well-trained staff will make sure you have a smooth transition.  

My brother promised to send pictures of the new house as soon as they have settled down.  I can't wait!

**This post is sponsored by Boston Moving Company.

Quickie Fix

My brother is arriving from the States tomorrow, I mean later cause it's already 3 am. We are done fixing the room where he will be staying.  The bathroom renovation also made it on time.  It was a quick fix actually, with only a week's notice.  :)  The wooden door had to be replaced.  No one has been using the guest bathroom for a long time so nobody noticed that the termites have eaten the inside part.  My mom and I thought of replacing the shower head as well, the old one has become rusty.  That's the problem when no one uses it for a long time.  The faucets had to be replaced too. Good thing the bidet is still working, at least I didn't have to buy a new one.
I searched for cheap fixtures and I came across So glad I did because I got everything I needed for less.  I could have spent more if I shopped at the home depot here. It was a great timing too because their bathroom suites were on sale. Actually, up until this time, they still are.  So if you're also in need of bathroom suites or fixtures, drop by their website and I'm sure you'll find the things that you need at low, low prices.

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