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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Myspace Comments

May your home be blessed...
your love be rewarded...
and your life enriched by GOD
to whom we give thanks for all we have.

From my family to your family... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Books for Sale

This is a paid advertisement by

Find the best buys from a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction books, audio books, Children's books, DVDs, Magazine subscriptions, Stationery and many more at Borders. The web site is your portal to hard to find and cheap books. You can shop by category, they have thousands of items in each category and they guarantee you that your purchase will be dispatched within 24 hours.

I was able to get the Nursing Calculations book and The Student Nurse Handbook that my cousin have been looking for for only 9.99 pounds. She has searched the local bookstores for those books but both books were not available in our area. She was so thankful that I discovered Borders because the site lists thousands of nursing books. Now she knows where to buy reference books the next time she needs them. I also found some fitness and diet books but I'm still thinking which one will work best for me. I want to start the new year right and this time I am going to stick to my resolution, to diet.

If you're a book lover or you want to give them as gifts, drop by their web site and you're sure to find so a lot of interesting items.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Junk Sleep

Have you been having "junk sleep" lately? You know, sleep that lacks quality the body needs to recharge. It's the reason why you have low energy, mood swings and brain fog. Even sleeping for eight hours every night does not mean you're getting high-quality sleep.

I've read that one surprising cause of junk sleep is wearing form-fitting sleep wears. Studies have shown that women who slept in snug pajamas and tight-fitting undergarments experienced a 50 percent plunge in levels of melatonin. The tight garments block the escape of body heat and suppresses melatonin production and can lead to deficits in restorative slow-wave phases of sleep. To sidestep this, wear comfortable loose-fitting pajamas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Breast Cancer: Facts and Fiction

I should have posted this one last October during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month but there were so many things in my mind that I have totally forgotten about it. Anyway, it's better late than never.

Here are some facts and fiction about the dreaded disease that we all should know about...

FICTION - all breast lumps are cancerous.
FACT - 80% of lumps are caused by benign or non-cancerous changes in the breast. According to experts, this percentage tends to fluctuate with age. For young women, more than 80% of breast lumps are benign as a woman ages, her risk of developing breast cancer increases.

FICTION - Breast cancer is mainly a genetic disease.
FACT - Only a small percentage of breast cancer cases are thought to be due to abnormal genes. A mutated breast cancer gene is only one of the risk factors for developing breast cancer. 80% of women who get breast cancer have no clear risk factors.

FICTION - Small breasted women cannot get breast cancer.
FACT - the amount of breast tissue a woman has does not affect her risk of developing breast cancer. Breast size is certainly not a significant risk factor for breast cancer.

FICTION - Underwire bras cause breast cancer.
FACT - There has been reports that underwire bras can constrict the body's lymph node system, causing breast cancer. But this link is completely inaccurate. There are other factors like genetic and environmental that contribute to breast cancer.

So, there you have it. Don't just believe what you hear. It's better to have regular check-ups and mammograms at least once a year.

MS Project Server 2009

Have you heard of the MS Project Server 2007? It is an application specifically designed for you and your organization to manage you projects. First, let me explain to you what it is all about. This application allows you to do so many things easily. It allows you to save a lot of time and therefore maximize your profits. I know this may sound too familiar to you guys and you probably have this kind of application already.

But, what makes the Microsoft Project Manager so different from other project servers is it enables you to manage your re-schedule uncompleted work, assign a deadline to a task, assign formulas and graphical indicators, you will be equipped with tools (like Gantt Charts, time keeping, document storage, and version control) to make it easy for you to stay on track and deliver, cost resources, material resources, and many more. You can actually customize everything to suit your needs. And all these great features are offered for only $54.99.

The MS Project web access will help make your business better. If it doesn't, Phase 2 International will give you a full refund. Click on the links and know more about this new software.

Smile Award

I got another award! This one came from Lynne of The Sewing mom. I have to agree with her that this one is pretty special. Thanks Lynne, I truly appreciate it.

Here are the qualifications to receive this award:

A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:
1. Please link back!
2. Post the rules
3. Choose 5 people to give it to
4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above
5. Create a post to share this
6. Thank the winners

And now for the 5 people I'm sharing this award with: Polly, Mize, Adie, Cheryl, Enchie

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Salts

I heard from a friend that she's been using potassium-sodium salt blends as a way to manage her weight. According to her, these new salt blends are lower in sodium and rich in potassium, a mineral that helps regulate the water balance in the body to fight bloat. But I recently came across an article saying that the new salts do not really promote weight loss. The experts suggest that if you really want to fight fat, try experimenting with slimming spices like cayenne, ginger, pepper, mustard and cinnamon. These are all metabolism boosters and offer many benefits like pain relief and blood sugar control. I already told my friend about it, all the while she thought she's losing fats, so she's giving up on the salt blends.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

I happened to pass by a web site where you can engage in the Sit on Santa's Lap Experience using the Ceiva Share's photo frame to upload your photos. I found it interesting and thought of putting my kids' photos there but I remembered my nephew's photo which I took the other day while we were at the mall. It was his first encounter with The Bearded Man and he cried so loud when Santa got him to sit on his lap, he was terrified. Well, not all kids are happy to see Santa, my kids were all smiles with their first encounter. I found my nephew's photo cute and I thought it would be a nice surprise to her mom once she sees this one.

If you happen to live in the US, the web site is holding a contest. Everyone of us has got a wish so just upload your photo like what I did here. Then leave your name and your wish. It's fairly easy and that's all you need to do, then Santa and the elves will have to check if you have been naughty or nice. If the elves give you a thumbs up, you're in. Each day, 1 random entry will be selected and the prize? $500!!! Hurry now and take advantage of this easy contest.

The Marie-Antoinette Award

A very thoughtful friend, Ria of It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to) never forgets me when it comes to giving awards. Thank you Ria. ^-^

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Please put the logo on your blog.

2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award.

3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

I am sharing this with:

Adie @ Under One Roof
Marzie @ Wishing On A Falling Star
Max @ Max
Babette @ Definitely Maybe!
Carol @ A Second Cup
Sam @ Show me your interest
Seeker @ Curiously Awesome

Menopause, change of life

Menopause is not something I look forward to but since I am in now in my forties and will soon be approaching menopause, I want to be ready when it comes. I have heard stories from my mom and other women about hot flashes, mood swings, falling levels of the female sex hormones and the many physical and psychological changes when they reached that stage. They say hot flashes disrupted their days and night sweats kept them up so they were moody and tired the next day.

I've been doing several readings about it and taking notes on what and what not to do during this stage. There were articles about what food to eat and what supplements to take. Just like my mom and my mom-in-law, most women reach the menopause without seeking medical advice and taking any supplements. But to some, menopause can be severe or distressing, in that case, treatments are available.

I found a web site about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy which puts an end to hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, weight gain, mood swings, vaginal dryness and low libido. Taking into consideration that not all women are the same, their anti-aging physicians design individualized programs for each woman who suffers from early menopause symptoms, perimenopause, menopause, hormonal imbalance and severe PMS. Their hormone therapy and individualized treatment plan may include a combination of creams, gels, pills, patches, self-injections or pellet therapy. By the way, hormone therapy is also applicable for men experiencing male menopause.

If you are about to start your menopausal or post-menopausal years, being able to prepare for it can help you deal with this stage with grace, serenity and style. It is also important to have a talk with your doctor, so you both can decide which is best for you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

DIY Mask

Pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar. That's all you need to bring back that glow from your dull skin. I have not tried it yet but I've read that this mask is used by spa experts and is proven effective to bring back the glow, so why spend so much on spas when you can do it at home?

The winning combination of pumpkin and brown sugar's large granules slough off dead skin cells and reveal fresh skin underneath. The ginger will help reduce redness because of its anti-inflammatory compounds, while the natural warming properties of cinnamon open pores so the other ingredients can penetrate skin more easily.

Here's the recipe for the mask:

Mix 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin, 1/4 cup of sliced ginger, 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 cup of brown sugar. Apply to face and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Games for his XBox

My son Joey, is so excited because he is finally getting two new XBox 360 Games this Christmas. He's been aching to have that Activision Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock for so long so we made a deal. I promised him that if saves some of his allowance, I will match his savings. He seemed pretty determined and was able to save for the game. And since I promised to match it, he's getting two new games.

We were surfing the internet last night and have been comparing prices from different sites. The lowest we found was at Smart Shopping and the price includes vat and shipping. For the other game, he chose the THQ WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. We have already ordered the games and they're due to arrive in a day or two.

If you are also looking for the newest games, this site is well worth a look. They offer a lot of games, not just for XBox 360 but Nintendo DS Games, PS2 Games, Sega Games, Nintendo Wii Games, PSP Games, Gameboy Games and a whole lot more. The prices are a lot cheaper here compared to the other web sites we have checked. If you're not convinced, you can check the items on ebay first so you'll see the price difference.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Apple juice or Orange juice?

OJ is the better choice. An 8 oz glass of 100 % natural juice has more than twice the amount of vitamin C recommended for kids. The vitamin C found in orange juice is six times more the amount found in an equal serving of apple juice. Even if your child drinks just a small amount of OJ, you know he gets his daily fix. Experts say that regular consumption of orange or orange juice may lessen the risk of childhood leukemia.

payday loans

Last week I was short of cash due to some unexpected expenses. So little money was left and I needed to pay for my utility bills. I was expecting money from my debit card but I had to settle the past due bills immediately so I thought of borrowing from a friend. I called and texted her but I got no response. I felt bad because she totally ignored me. I would understand if she can't lend me money, at least she should have told me. I felt so small, borrowing money from friends is not always a good idea.
I tried my luck with payday loans and prayed that I get an approval because I really needed the money. I was so surprised when they responded so quickly. I never thought that applying for a payday loan and getting an approval could be so easy.
What’s best about it is they did not even ask me to fax any documents and there was no credit checking. The fact that I have a business and a bank account were enough to get approved. The very next day, my emergency cash was immediately credited in my checking account. I was able to settle the bills and felt good that I didn't owe money from anyone.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One-day cleansing

If you are trying a 24-hour cleanse, I have read that drinking only lemon water is not recommended. Lemon water alone does not support balanced blood sugar. It will only increase your cravings for bread and sweets.

You can safely flush up to 15 pounds of water weight with a one-day juice detox by drinking a mixture of orange juice, cranberry juice, lemon/calamansi juice, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. The exact recipe was not given so I assume you would only be using a few slices of ginger and a dash each of nutmeg and cinnamon.

The organic acids in cranberries will stimulate liver detoxification while the ascorbic acid in citrus fruits helps deactivate free radicals, heightening the liver's ability to excrete fat and toxins.

The Master of Cleanliness

I know a lot of people who are obsessive compulsive, some of them have a mild case of 'oc-ness' and some are severe that you'd think they are over-acting. My husband is obssessive-compulsive. He won't allow you to sit on the bed if you just got home and still have not changed to your house dress. He always carries a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer. He doesn't like the maid preparing his food, paranoid that her hands are not clean.

We call him the master of cleanliness. He likes everything in order and he's very meticulous with his clothes. His car is always kept clean inside and out. One time he came home and the house was an absolute disaster. The kids and I had a pillow fight. It looks like a storm had hit. He didn't get angry but he tried to pick up everything and started cleaning.

He likes to clean a lot but he doesn't like touching the garbage bins. I had to buy several brabantia bins for the kitchen and bathrooms so he and the kids won't have to touch it when they throw something. Actually, it was his idea to get the ones with sensor. He just have to wave his hand above the special sensor and the lid pops open. They are a bit pricey but they're more hygeinic.

So, you see that's how OC he is and my son is taking up on him. But I believe each one of us has this certain obsessive-compulsive behavior and I have read that display of such traits doesn't mean you have OCD.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When it's too hot...

One of the quickest ways to dry out your skin is taking a long, hot shower. The hot water sucks your skin's oils from the body. According to experts, the right temperature should be below 90 degrees. Judge by how quickly your mirror steams up. If it's fully fogged in 60 minutes or less, the water is too hot. It will also help to limit your showers to 5 minutes, then apply body oil or slather a moisturizer while skin is still damp to lock in the water.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Awards

This one came from Sasha and Charm. Thank you ladies! ^.^

I'm passing this to: 1stopmom, Jodi's Journey, Ana, Chica & Pumuckl, Random Thoughts


The following awards were given by Mariuca. Thanks Marzie!

I'm sharing all these wonderful awards to all of you in my blogroll. Feel free to grab them all.

Tooth Bleaching Methods

A lot of people have heard something about teeth whitening but they don't know all the facts about it. This keeps them from possibly benefiting by whitening their teeth. In regard to teeth whitening, here are a number of facts you need to know.

1. Lots of people do not realize that there are teeth whitening methods at various cost levels. You don't have to continue being embarrassed because of your stained or discolored teeth. The choices for teeth whitening range from the easy and affordable dental strips to the very costly treatments of dental whitening. With a bit of research, you should be able to find a method that you can afford and that you have time for in your schedule.

2. If you have concerns regarding safety, you will be happy to learn that the teeth whitening methods used most often, such as the ones that use peroxide, are quite safe. In some instances, temporary discomfort may occur, including gum irritation or sensitive teeth. The cause of gum irritation is usually a poorly fitting tray and not the whitening procedure itself. Above all, any pain will only last a little while and you will soon feel better. Its effectiveness and safety is also recognized by the American Dental Association.

3. In case you are wondering whether teeth whitening is worth the cost and inconvenience, let me assure you that there are many benefits. Perhaps the most important benefit is the instant effect on a person's social confidence. Experience has shown that people who previously had stained or discolored teeth became greatly more self-confident. In addition, it is also beneficial for those who think their ugly smiles cause them to be less attractive to people of the opposite sex. A bit of discomfort and expense are small prices to pay for being able to smile without embarrassment.

4. It is true that a few people might be uncomfortable after a basic teeth whitening process. Minimizing this discomfort is quite possible. If you have a problem with teeth sensitivity, then the best thing you can do is take a break in between procedures. However, if you are still having a certain amount of sensitivity, you might try using toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth. If you are continuing to have pain because of the tray, then you should wear it for shorter amounts of time. Although it will increase the time for the completion of the procedure, it will decrease the amount of discomfort.

5. You can obtain results with home treatments that are similar to results obtained in dental office treatments. It has been proven that you will get the same results whether you have your teeth whitened at a dentist's office or you use the teeth whitening kit at home. The main difference will be the amount of time required to achieve the results. By going to the dentist, you can see good results within one or two visits, while using the home whitening kit will normally take 1 or 2 weeks before you see any results. But performing a home treatment is much more cost effective than the professional treatment.

6. Sadly, teeth whitening will not last for ever. Results usually last from 6 months to a year; following this time period, you must have more treatments if you want your teeth to remain white. The amount of time it will last will totally depend on your personal habits, such as smoking, chewing tobacco, etc. The effects of the dental office teeth whitening treatment will last a lot longer than the dental whitening strips or other cheaper treatments. However a lot people save money with home treatment whitening kits because once they have the tray, they only have to purchase the gel.

7. Many people believe that they can maintain white teeth if they scrub very hard with a hard bristled toothbrush. This does not work at all. In fact, it can actually harm your teeth by wearing away the enamel on your teeth. The layer below the enamel is known as dentin and is usually yellow or brown; this is not the color that you want your teeth to be!

8. The toothpastes claiming they can whiten your teeth are barely effective. They have mild abrasive and polishing agents which will help to remove the surface stains and thereby lighten your teeth one shade. They do nothing for severely stained or discolored teeth. The whitening claim is mainly hype.

9. A lot of teeth staining occurs because of some food products such as soy sauce that have dark pigments. Cherries and other berries can also stain the teeth. Coffee, tea, cola, and cranberry juice are some of the beverages that can stain the teeth. A very good way to keep your teeth from being stained is to use a straw when you drink any kind of staining beverage and brush your teeth as soon as possible.

10. You should be very careful of home teeth whitening remedies which others have recommended. Check these out in depth before giving them a try. Although they might be natural, using acidic products can cause the calcium in teeth to be eaten away. Some believe if you rub lemon juice or lemon peels on your teeth it will help to whiten them. The acid in the lemon can pull the calcium from the teeth and cause tooth decay to occur much faster.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dark Chocolate, how good is it?

There are numerous studies showing us the reasons why we should enjoy dark chocolate more. One benefit is, it is good for the heart. Flavonol, the main ingredient in chocolate has a positive effect on the heart. The flavonoids, which gives chocolate the bitter taste, act as antioxidants and fight free radicals which causes damage that leads to heart disease.

It is actually the bitter taste that is important but most of the time that bitter taste is almost removed during processing to make chocolate yummier. When flavonoids are present, it can help keep your heart and cardiovascular system functioning well.

However, it is hard to tell if the chocolate bar you're buying still contains flavonoids by merely looking at it. Check the label and see if it has 70 percent cocoa content and try to find out also if it has been processed with alkali. Alkali removes the flavonoids.

Some experts say that a small bar everyday should be enough to reap the benefits but other studies show that you need just an ounce (sometimes even less). But the real problem lies on how to stop, it is so hard to stop once you had a bite. As I have mentioned in my other posts about chocolate, here and here, the only drawback is it is packed with calories. Just an ounce yields about 150 calories.

To sum it up, go ahead and enjoy it but don't overindulge. Flavonol is not only found in chocolate, fruits like apples and vegetables and beans are also rich in flavonol.

source: Food
photo credit:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Spirit of BEAR-iuca

The Genie Princess has invited me to join Bear-iuca on an amazing journey around the globe. The bear brings lots of luck and cheers and I hope you'll join us too.


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a powerful Genie Princess named Mariuca who was known throughout the land as the friendliest, most popular blogger in the blogosphere kingdom. Adored and admired by international visitors and commentators from around the world, the Genie Princess travels the blogosphere on her magical flying carpet, always looking for ways to share her good fortune with others.

Over the past two years of blogging, Mariuca has met so many new people, from all walks of life and all over the world, each one bringing a little of their culture and lifestyle when they visit and comment on Mariuca’s two sites. So on her 2nd Blog Anniversary, Mariuca wanted to celebrate with all of her international blogosphere buddies by hosting a bear-naming contests at Wishing On A Falling Star and Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery and to pass her two lucky, cuddly teddy bears along to the winners who came up with the best names.

On the opposite side of the world, from the moment Roxy (the prolific Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blogger) and her sweet daughters London and Maddie saw the teddy in his personalized t-shirt and blue muffler at Wishing On A Falling Star, they knew that he needed to come to live with their family in Mendham, NJ. The three New Jersey girls named him immediately and burst into a wonderful song for BEAR-iuca:

BEAR-iuca, BEAR-iuca, amazing teddy cheer.
BEAR-iuca, BEAR-iuca, we’d love you to come live here!

Mariuca received 16 possible names for the Mariuca Teddy Bear, making it hard for the Genie Princess to choose just one…then Alakazam! A bolt of lightning delivered the perfect way to share BEAR-iuca’s good fortune to bloggers around the globe. While the soft, stuffed, cuddly BEAR-iuca is on his way to live with Roxy, London, Maddie and Rex in the Roxiticus Valley, the Spirit of BEAR-iuca is racing through the blogosphere to bring happiness, holiday cheer, and beary best wishes to everyone who welcomes him into their online home and passes along the BEAR-iuca good luck charm to ten friends.

Please play along with us by following a few important rules:

1. Add your site(s) to the list once you have received the Spirit of BEAR-iuca badge of teddy bear cheer.
2. Pass along the Spirit of BEAR-iuca and his cheery badge to as many people as you like.
3. Leave a comment HERE once you’ve passed on the Spirit of BEAR-iuca.
4. Once Roxy and the Genie Princess have visited your site to make sure your links are complete and proper, you will then be added to the Master List.
4. To ensure everyone receives equal link benefit, please UPDATE your list regularly!

1. Mariuca 2. Roxiticus Desperate Housewives 3. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery 4. Roxy’s Best Of... 5. Bay Head Blog 6. Roxiticus Best Blogs 7. Emila's Illustrated Blog 8. Metz - Empty Streets 9. The Spirit of Blogging 10. Speedcat Hollydale Page 11. Snapshot 12. purplefrogcat 13. Turn-u-Off 14. Simple Life 15. A Little Girl Talk 16. Life in the Lapadula House 17. Spicybugz World 18. The Mom With Brownies 19. Our High School Homeschool 20. Our Five Dangerous Boys 21. The Big Dog 22. LadyJava's Lounge 23. Moments of My Life 24. Life is too short to be ordinary 25. A Great Pleasure 26. Time Goes By 27. Life According To Me 28. Laketrees 29. This is a miracle 30. Porcelain Doll 31. Moms...CheckNyo 32. Wonderful Things In Life 33. Sweet Nothings 34. Hot Shit Form Here 35. Not Just a Mom Site 36. The Life of a Mom 37. Wiehanne Lounge 38. The Painted Veil 39. My Crossroads 40. Little Mermaid 41. LOVE's Haven 42. Also Mommy 43. The Journey 44. Comedy Plus 45. Making sense...(somehow) 46. The Modern Mom 47. Stay At Home Mom 48. Picture Clusters 49. Maiylah's Snippets 50. Sweety tots 51. My Discoveries 52. A Life to Remember 53. Rekha 54. Crissy's Haven 55. Crissy's Library 56. Crissy's Zone 57. Shopping Blog 58. Crafts and cooking 59. Asian Mutt International 60. A Simple Life 61. I AM KCAT 62. A Girl For All Status 63. Berry Blog 64. Carnation 65. Pinaymama's Diary 66. Life's sweets and spices 67. The Callalily Space 68. Butchay 69. Blessings in Life 70. Pinay Mommy Online 71. The Ruby Posts 72. Day Break 73. R...E...B...E...L?!? 74. VDAY CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY 75. Just the Tip of the Iceberg 76. Honeysweet Learning Center 77. Vsk8shop 78. A Diva's Hammer 79. Arlene - Joys in Life 80. Listening..Learning..Living 81. Mommy's Little Corner 82. YOU Next!

Friends I'd like to see on board:

Hailey @ Hailey's Beats and Bits
Carmie @ Hearts and Mind Whispers
Charm @ The Journey
Mai @ Rainbow Colored Me
Enchie @ Sweet Nothings

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mystery of Metabolism

"Why can some people stay thin even though they indulge in french fries and pie, while others gain weight eating far less? Blame it on their genes. A hormonal or metabolic defect makes some folks ultrasensitive to carbohydrates and insulin and much more susceptible to weight gain. That's one reason doctors have long noticed that being fat- or lean-runs in families. But only by eating carbs will susceptible people trigger the "fatness" gene."

This is so true because I limit myself to half a cup of rice each meal. A little more than that would mean EXTRA POUNDS. My sister, on the other hand, can finish 2 cups in one sitting and yet, she is so slim. She can gobble up anything she likes and still maintain her weight. Life could be unfair sometimes you know. :(

It's probably because of the genes I got from my mom, they are more on the heavy side, while she got hers from my dad. How I wish it was the other way around.

source: Home Journal

Better Be Prepared

Spending long hours at the store gives me a lot of time to talk to my customers. Since the news about the Lehman Brothers, many are complaining about how tight their budgets have become. I, for one, find it difficult to keep on top of my finances these days. News about big companies that are either closing down or laying off some of their workers, are quite alarming. The most practical thing to do right now is to save and avoid spending on things that we don’t really need because we don’t know how long this global crisis would last. Some say it would only take a year but others say it would take about five years.

I'm just worried that my savings won't be enough in case an emergency happens because unexpected expenses keep on coming. It's good that payday loans are available online, at least I have a fall back in case I need to have fast cash. I have a steady income and an active bank account and I know I can easily qualify for a loan. I'm just preparing for the worst and it's better to have more options than none.

Fashion Tip #3

Wearing casual clothes is comfortable and convenient, but if you take it too far, you might end up looking sloppy. If you have to go casual, make sure you stay polished with neat hair, very light makeup and a piece of jewelry. You'd still look your best even if you're wearing jeans and shirt.

photo credit: Catwalk Queen

Short of Cash

Lately, I'm always short of cash. Sales from my store have dramatically dropped because of the recession we are experiencing right now. I have past due bills that need immediate payments and other list of items that I need to buy for the kids. I don't want to be borrowing money from my relatives because I know they are in need of cash too.

I was beginning to panic when a friend called me a while ago. I told her my dilemma and she recommended cash advance . I didn't have the slightest idea what it was all about but she patiently explained it to me. She said, if you need cash fast, there is a website which provides borrowers cash advance loans from $100 to $2500. Upon approval, cash is electronically deposited to your bank account overnight. They require no documents and since I have an income and a checking account I can easily qualify for a cash advance loan.

It sounds okay to me, so right after I post this, I'm off to check Pacific Advance.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can't stop eating?

Well, you are not alone. A lot of women who are under stress or facing a problem turn to food to feel better. According to experts, consuming carbs during times of stress increases levels of stress-reducing chemical serotonin.

But you don't have to deny yourself of these food indulgences because it will help regulate stress hormones. Instead of munching carbs, go for whole-grains and remember to eat slowly. Whole-grains will also make you feel better, plus, you won't pack on pounds because it has fewer calories.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Increase your fiber intake

Consuming fiber helps your body get rid of chemicals that make fat-storing enzymes overactive. The nutrient also slows down the rate at which sugars from food enter the bloodstream, reducing your cravings from sugar and increasing your sense of satiety. Based on the article I've read, we need 35 grams of fiber each day and fruits, veggies, whole-grain breads, and cereals are the top sources of fiber so make sure you include them in your diet. These foods will help us feel full for a longer time and curb our cravings.
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