Short of Cash

Lately, I'm always short of cash. Sales from my store have dramatically dropped because of the recession we are experiencing right now. I have past due bills that need immediate payments and other list of items that I need to buy for the kids. I don't want to be borrowing money from my relatives because I know they are in need of cash too.

I was beginning to panic when a friend called me a while ago. I told her my dilemma and she recommended cash advance . I didn't have the slightest idea what it was all about but she patiently explained it to me. She said, if you need cash fast, there is a website which provides borrowers cash advance loans from $100 to $2500. Upon approval, cash is electronically deposited to your bank account overnight. They require no documents and since I have an income and a checking account I can easily qualify for a cash advance loan.

It sounds okay to me, so right after I post this, I'm off to check Pacific Advance.


Lisette said...

Don't do it. These payday or advance loans charge an arm and a leg for the interest rate. Plus if you don't pay it the next week I believe they add on more fees, etc. If you do get one, make sure you read the fine print VERY CAREFULLY.


Marie said...

Using payday advance is like teaching your friend to gamble with no chance of winning. There are a lot of these outlets in the US. They will ask for your checking account number because this is where they'll charge and deduct the FULL amount that you borrowed plus fees. They will ask for your pay day so they will conduct the transaction on that day. You will end up more broke and might end up borrowing money from your next paycheck until it becomes a habit. You will not have the urge to work because you know that you'll not have anything left from your next paycheck. Don't use this system not unless that it's an extreme emergency or you have a second income. Apply for a loan, at least you can pay them monthly instead of paying the total amount right away.

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