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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Summer 1000k Paypal giveaway

Remember the $1000 giveaway I posted on June 20?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!  


Sacha Schroeder!!!

Don't worry if your didn't win because there will be another giveaway this fall.  Yup, it's another whopping $1000.  Watch out for it. Meanwhile, you can join the iPod giveaway here and the Kindle Fire and diamond Candles giveaway here.

RT2/WW - Ruby Fork

Wordless Wednesday

Took this photo while waiting for my Fish 'n Chips.

It was well worth the wait.  The fish with soy garlic sauce was delicious and the fries were terrific.

Affordable Wedding Decorations

Nowadays, couples who are getting married wish for a unique wedding; but getting married in this tough economic time could empty all your savings in the bank.  Doing your homework and learning hot to negotiate with wedding vendors can save you money.  Plus, if you're in luck, you can even get some extras without shelling out additional bucks.  The key is to research the prices and look for packages within your budget.  Sometimes, getting from different sources will help save you more.  Learn to bargain.  If they have a set price for wedding decorations; try to negotiate because those prices can still go lower.  You can still have a romantic, beautiful and memorable wedding even if your budget is low.

Birthday Gifts

A new tv set and a pop up tv cabinet are the things Joey is getting for his birthday.  The old set that he's using had seen better days.  Why, it's even older than him.  Last Friday, his friends were here for a pre birthday party.  I cooked some food and they planned to watch some flicks.  They were not even halfway through with the first movie when his telly suddenly died.  The boys had to get the tv in our room so they can continue watching.  It was a bit embarrassing but he and his classmates made good humor out of it.

Hubs and I are canvassing for flat screen tvs and pop up tv cabinets.  His room is kinda small so the pop up cabinet and the flat screen tv are perfect.  He'll have more space to move around since we can get rid of his old tv rack.  For the cabinet, I'd like a smaller one where he can still place his DVD player, game console, and amplifier.  Hubs had already found a set online but we still need to ask him if he is agreeable with the size and color.

He turned 16 last Sunday and he's in for a lot of new things.  Yesterday, he got his student permit and he'll be enrolling in a driving school soon.  He is also preparing for his College Entrance exams.  I hope all this will not overwhelm him.

What Kind of Fast Food Are You?

You Are a Burrito

You're not a picky person. You're able to go with the flow and really enjoy life.

You have a taste for the exotic, and you're quite adventurous. You're willing to try almost anything.

You're very low maintenance. You don't mind getting a bit messy if it means having fun.

You aren't superficial or easily impressed. Someone has to be the real deal if they're going to impress you.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

Investing in a wireless temperature monitoring solution was a wise move for Sarah.  She is on a catering business and she recently added baked goods to her list.  To save on time, she bakes the cakes and makes the other desserts ahead of time.  They are kept in her special fridge to make sure they are in perfect condition. The wireless temperature monitoring solution also helps her monitor her stocks and avoid spoilage.  Meats and vegetables are highly perishable so it's important that she keeps them in the freezer with the right temperature to inhibit the growth of bacteria.  In her kind of business, it's crucial that the food she serves is always in perfect condition.

He Got His Jeep from Auto USA Texas

My nephew is setting out on his own. He is already 21 and he wanted to prove his dad that he can manage on his own.  He had saved enough money to buy a car and to get a small apartment for himself. He got his jeep from Auto USA Texas.  It's not brand new but he is proud that he bought it from his own pocket. 

The apartment was bare. He still has a lot of things to fix but his dad promised he'd help.  My parents will be visiting them next month.  I'm sure they'd be too happy for him that he's become independent.

Elaine's Wedding Decorations

I'm glad to hear that Elaine finally tied the knot with her fiance last week.  She and Jim had been in a relationship for quite a long time.  I think Elaine was still in her first year in college when Jim came along with another cousin for a short visit.  Since then, they have been emailing and chatting with each other.  When Elaine graduated and became a nurse, she went to the US and she was reunited with Jim.  I saw their wedding photos on Facebook and I'm so happy for her.  It looked like a very simple wedding with all my relatives in the States present.  According to my other cousins, they were the ones who did the wedding decorations and the wedding cake.

Las Vegas condos

Celine and Boy used to be my bowling buddies.  When Celine got pregnant, the couple decided to migrate to the US; that was the last time I saw them.  If not for Facebook, I will not be able to find them again.  The couple is now in living in Vegas.  According to Celine they moved there three years ago and they bought a posh unit at one of the prestigious Las Vegas condos.  Their daughter is now 10 years old; that's how long they were out of touch.  Next year, I'll be visiting my siblings in CT; I am planning to pass by Nevada before going to NY to see them.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is your moisturizer working?

Slathering cream or lotion on your face daily does not guarantee that it will put an end to your dry skin woes. If you are not following some important steps in keeping your skin plump and hydrated, you may just be wasting time and a lot of money.  Moisturizers are not cheap especially if you go for the branded ones.  To make sure that your moisturizer is working, follow these easy steps. 

Wash your face thoroughly. It is not enough to simply splash water on your face and body. You need to clean it with a good facial cleanser to remove makeup, debris, dirt, sweat, and dust that may have accumulated on your skin. Steer clear of bar soaps because they can be harsh on your skin.

Exfoliate regularly. Getting rid of dead skin allows your moisturizer to work more efficiently.  It is be absorbed more easily and it penetrates deeper into the skin. A once a week exfoliation is recommended to slough off dead skin cells.

Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp. After shower is the perfect time to do so because your skin already has moisture in it.  Apply it with a light massage so the oils in the moisturizer will be absorbed by the skin better.  Wait at least a minute before you put your clothes on to give the cream a chance to be absorb by the skin, or else your clothes will rub it off.

FreshLoc Technologies

Freshloc is not only used in hospitals.  My cousin who works in a farm in the north where most of the country's produce are coming from is also using FreshLoc Technologies.  The system keeps them compliant with with temperature related safety regulations.  There are no spoilage and their produce are always delivered fresh in markets and groceries.

I own a small grocery store and I also sell ice cream.  Sometimes, the ice cream delivered to me are a bit soft and I had to increase the temperature of my ice cream freezer so they would harden again.  I wrote the company and suggested they look into FreshLoc Technologies.  It will save them a lot of money and it will also guarantee that their goods arrive in their destinations in perfect condition.

Las Vegas Condos

My sister Louise learned a lot of things when she decided to stand up on her own.  Back here, she was spoiled by my parents.  She can have everything she wanted without working hard for it.  But when business turned bad in the early years of 2000; she decided to move to the US.  We were a bit worried because she never worked and we didn't think she could live on her own.  We were wrong though because she managed.  Right now she has two jobs and she is investing her money well.  She already bought an apartment and she also recently bought one unit at Las Vegas condos. She plans to lease it out so she'll have an extra income.  My parents are very pleased that she is doing good there and she knows how to handle her money well.

The beautiful Las Vegas High Rise Condos

Some of the things I like about Nevada are their beautiful buildings and the Las Vegas high rise condos.  When I was still single, I dreamed of living there.  The beautiful lights and the wonderful sights are very inviting.  But after I got married and had children, I wanted a quieter place.  Still, I love visiting Vegas.  The city has a lot to offer and if you're looking for fun and real entertainment; you'll get all those in Vegas.  It's one place that I'll never get tired of.  Hopefully when things are good next year, hubs and I will be able to visit.  This time, I'll make sure I'll meet my dear friend Celine who recently moved to Vegas with her family.

Her first car was from Auto USA

Still talking about my sister, I forgot to mention that aside from the Las Vegas condo she purchased; she also bought a BMW X5.  But although she has a new car, she is not giving up her old car.  It's the Honda Civic she got from Auto USA.  It's the first car she ever owned when she decided to move to the States and live on her own.

She actually planned of buying another used car but it was my mom who encouraged her to buy a brand new vehicle.  She says my sister is working too hard and she deserves something better.  Louise chose the BMW because it was her dream car. 

It's Dallas Roofing for Marla

Marla is pleased that the Dallas roofing contractor she contacted did a great job. One of her roofs needed replacement so she called up the company after comparing prices.  Aside from being the cheapest, all the reviews she found about them are positive.  They worked fast and are very professional so Marla was naturally impressed.

She knew nothing about roof repair and she wanted to wait for her husband who was on a mission abroad to come home before calling for service.  But when she noticed that the whole on that roof was getting bigger, we advised her not to wait anymore.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aloe Vera Can Repair Stretch Marks

They say there are no cures for the ugly tears on your skin; but you can actually repair stretch marks by regularly applying Aloe Vera cream or gel on affected areas. Aloe Vera has been touted for its healing benefits and it's been known to be a good moisturizer. Slathering the cream or gel on your skin regularly will help heal the scars. I say scars because stretch marks are actually scars produced when the skin is stretched and the elastin snaps. They are usually purple and red in the beginning and become white when the color has faded. Prolonged used will result to smoother skin and the stretch marks will become less visible. 

It is also a great idea to start early on. As soon as you know you are pregnant, you can start right away with Aloe Vera gel. It will keep your skin moistened, thus preventing stretch marks. Those who are trying to lose weight can also start applying the gel to prevent stretch marks from appearing.

The Best City Host

Among all the cities that hosted the Asian Intercity bowling tournament, Manila was the most organized.  Last year it was Singapore and it was a bit chaotic.  They were very inconsistent especially when it came to the rules.  Last, last year it was Manila.  The host city made sure everything was in order.  They even had this card printer to print the IDs of participants and guests.  The organizers made sure security is tight and no outsiders would come and go inside the bowling center. A plastic card printer buy is a great idea because it's cheaper and IDs can be printed right away.  I wish Penang (the host this year) will be as organized as Manila.

Elvis Presley Wedding Decorations

My brother is a great fan of The King that is why when he got married, he made sure his wedding took place at the Elvis Presley Chapel in Graceland.  He wore a white Elvis Presley attire.  Yup, it's the one with wide collar and bell bottom pants.  His bride wore a traditional wedding gown.  It was a beautiful wedding and their wedding coordinator did a great job.  The venue were full of unique wedding decorations; all of them reminded us of the great rock and roll king.  I'm so happy for my brother.  Happy that he found his perfect mate and also happy that he got his dream wedding.

Dallas Janitorial Services

Now that she has two jobs, Louise hardly has time for herself.  I don't know why she works so hard; she is single and she doesn't even have to support our parents.  But even if she is very busy, she will always be an obsessive-compulsive type of person.  She still keeps her apartment spotless.  Dallas janitorial services is keeping her place neat and clean; a maid comes twice weekly to clean up.  Well, a neat freak will always be a neat freak. She's just like my dad who can't stand dirt.  I'm neat and orderly too but those two are just too much.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kindle Fire and Diamond Candle Giveaway

Bay Area Mommy

Hello my dear readers!  Would you like to win a Kindle Fire?  Bay Area Mommy is celebrating her 1st blog anniversary with a giveaway for a Kindle Fire (or $200 Amazon gift card) and 2 Diamond Candles.

Kindle Fire is open worldwide but the 2 Diamond Candles is restricted to the US only since they don't ship outside the US. The giveaway will run from July 25, 12:01am EST to August 15, 11:59pm EST.

Join now for a chance to win these amazing prizes!

Good luck!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for prize shipment.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Affordable Wedding Decorations

Every woman dreams of a beautiful wedding.  Be it a wedding at the beach, a church wedding, or a garden wedding; we all want it to be perfect.  Some even hire a wedding coordinator to take care of everything -- wedding dress, wedding decorations, the venue, and the food.  That's if you have the budget for it, but some prefers to do everything on  their own when it comes to preparing for their special day.  It can become stressful but the rewards can be very satisfying. 

A themed wedding may be costly but if you know where to get the best deals, your themed wedding can become very affordable. 

RT2/WW - Tiny Red Berries

Wordless Wednesday

Not really sure what this plant is called and I'm also not sure if the rubies are edible. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Repair Stretch Marks with Cocoa Butter

Did you know that the way to Repair Stretch Marks is by using cocoa butter?  A lot of women claim it works but of course don't expect that it will happen overnight.  You have to apply it liberally twice daily and regularly to see results.  Cocoa butter is a rich source of natural oils and vitamin E than can deeply penetrate skin to keep it moisturized and elastic.  If you are going to use it to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks, it is advisable to start early on.  As soon as you find out you are pregnant and you know that the other women in your family had stretch marks (genes have also something to do with it); it is better to start applying cocoa butter on your skin right away.  This will prevent stretch marks from forming.  Apply it by massaging the butter on skin in a circular motion.  You are improving your skin's circulation while moisturizing it and making your collagen fibers stronger at the same time.  Stop wasting your money on creams and treatments that don't work; cocoa butter is the answer to your stretch mark woes.

Cute and Sexy Wedding Cake Toppers

If my husband and I were to get married again, both of us would agree with a humorous wedding cake topper.  I've seen some cute and sexy wedding cake toppers online and it made me wonder why these weren't available before.  The funny and sexy bride and groom would have been a hit if we had that on our wedding cake.  What we had then when we were married 25 years ago was the usual bride and groom standing side by side.  Yeah it was boring but we didn't have any other choice then.  Nowadays, wedding cake toppers come in wide selection.  Whatever theme you choose for your special day, you will surely find a wedding cake topper to grace your cake.

Secure Transactions with Furniture Retail Software

As a business owner, you naturally want to protect and secure the important data of your clients.  You want to make sure that every financial transaction with your clients is safe and secure.  That is how you will get your client's trust and when they trust you, you can be sure that they will be doing business with you again.  That's what furniture retail software is all about; it answers all your financial security needs.  No wonder a lot of furniture store owners are turning to this.  It doesn't only help them take care of the inventory and stocks; it also takes care of the employees salaries and other stuff; and most importantly, it assures clients that every transaction made is safe and secure.

Go for B2B Telemarketing

Do you ever wonder why some people are calling you on the phone and offering you some products or services?  Well, that's what you call b2b telemarketing.  In the past years, this type of service has become popular to a lot of businesses.  Aside from saving money from expensive advertising, the agents makes a direct contact to the clients.  That way, they are able to present the products in a more personal manner.  This form of advertising is more efficient than traditional ones.  So if you think your business needs a pick me up, look into b2b telemarketing.  A team of experts will study your target market and create an effective presentation to help improve your sales.

Dreaming of a Pool

My best cousin and I have always dreamed of having our own pools when we grow up.  Of course, those dreams included a beautiful house.  Well, I am still far away from that dream because what my husband and I have is a building type house and we don't have enough space for even a small pool.  But no, I am not complaining because we are comfortable in this house and it's very convenient living here because it's accessible.  The mall, grocery, bookstore, hospital and even the wet market are within walking distance.  Still, I dream of a quiet and beautiful home... with a pool.

My cousin, on the other hand had just made her dream come true.  She and her husband recently purchased a property in Arizona.  There was no swimming pool when they bought the house so she contacted arizona custom pools for her dream pool.  She says the heat can get too much during the summer and the pool is just perfect. 

I'm glad that my cousin is happy with her custom pool.  I may not have one right now but I know it will come someday.  Meanwhile, my family and I are enjoying visiting beaches and resorts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RT2/WW - Birthday Cakes

Wordless Wednesday

A few weeks ago, my twin granddaughters turned 1.  The two round cakes are red velvet cakes that I ordered from a friend.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smooth Skin with Sand

The scorching heat can zap the moisture from the top layer of skin and lead to flakiness especially on your knees, elbows, and heels.  And since you are already at the beach, take the time to use the fine-grained sand to smooth your skin.  To do:  take a handful of sand and rub it in circular motions, starting at your feet and moving upward.  The grains exfoliate the top layer to reveal new skin underneath.  Experts suggest showering sans soap and sealing in moisture with an emollient-rich lotion.  Plus, here's a bonus; massaging your skin with sand will help lessen cellulite.

Using Free Survey Software

A good business man knows that for a product to become a great success, conducting a market research first is the key.  It may be an added cost to your company but believe me, you'll reap the rewards in the end.

My husband had been involved in the restaurant business long enough to know that in order for their food to sell, he had to get the opinions of his valued clients.  He might have the best chefs in every branch, but if the food they serve does not suit the taste of their customers; he knows that the business will not last long.  By doing market research, he was actually shooting two birds with one stone.  Aside from knowing what they like about the food; the clients feel important that way.  It makes them feel good to know that their opinions are valued.  If he thinks it's time for one branch to change the menu, he makes sure he conducts a survey first before presenting the report to the board of directors.  That way, he already knows what would work for them.  He never assumes that he already knows what their clients would like because he knows that in the end, the restaurant will suffer and that's a very high price they have to pay.

If you think conducting surveys are just an added cost, think again.  There are free survey software available online that you can use in order for your company to save on costs.  Many businesses fail because they tend to underestimate the power of getting opinions.  They think they already know what the consumers want so they develop a product based on how they see it.  It is only when they are starting to promote it that they realize it is not actually what their customers want.  Too late when they have already spent a lot in production and promotion.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RT2/WW - Currant (Bignay) Tree

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Wordless Wednesday

 The Currant tree is usually found in the Himalayas and other parts of Asia.  My MIL had this tree for a long time already.  The fruits can be made into a jam and jelly.  They are very sour while they are still red and they can be used to make sour soups like Sinigang.  Last time I heard, the fruits are fermented into into vinegar, wine and brandy.  Although we have not tried eating the leaves; some people say the young leaves can be mixed in salads or cooked with other vegetables.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

That flaky and red skin on your feet can put the kibosh on wearing those gorgeous sandals.  That athlete's foot can easily worsen during high temperatures and spread like crazy when your feet sweat.  The fix?  Boric acid.  Experts say the acid destroys dermatophytes on contact, helping to heal the infection in two weeks.  to do:  Mix two teaspoons of boric acid into 1 cup of water and apply with cotton balls twice daily.

MIL's Garden

People are always asking my MIL where she got the terracotta tiles in her garden.  When she tells them that she bought them in Laguna and my father in law installed them, many of them couldn't believe that they were not done by professionals. 

Well, I too, can't believe my FIL did it when I first saw it.  I knew that she was having a makeover but I didn't know that the garden was part of it.  She used to have bermuda grass but it was tough to maintain.  Besides, she doesn't have a gardener to take care of the grass.  The tiles were a great idea.  It's easier to maintain and clean at the same time.  Not sure how my FIL did it but MIL says he had a paving stone installation guide.  What made it more attractive are the pebbles that they inserted on the holes.  They certainly draw attention because the white pebbles are a great contrast to the terracotta tiles.

I'm also planning to do that in my mom's garden.  Not the same design but I'm leaning more on mosaic.  I'll borrow FIL's guide and ask for dad's and hub's help to install them.  It's going to be fun doing mom's garden.

Helping a Loved One

What would you do if you find out your son or daughter have become dependent to drugs?  It breaks a parent's heart when they find out their kid is addicted to drugs.  Some parents may even be in denial because they couldn't accept it.  I could understand this because after doing our best to provide our kids with their needs, understanding and guiding them; it's difficult to accept that or kid has gone astray.  Knowing that you failed in bringing them up the way we want them to be is a difficult fact to accept.  But denial is what your child doesn't need in his moments of trial.  More than just understanding, he needs his family's support to help him get back on his feet. 

You should consider bringing you child for rehabilitation.  Choose a therapy center like birmingham rehab center where your child will be provided with the best and most effective way to overcome his addiction.  Drug addiction is a serious problem that should be given attention right away.  If you stall it, it might be too late for your child.  Show your love and care by having him treated because that is what he needs right now.

Sending Flowers

My mom is a sucker for orchids. Back when my siblings and I were growing up, she had a lot of orchids in our garden. She grew them in what looked to me as flat coconut husks and hung them in drift woods. We loved watching her water her plants and talk to them. She even sings to them whenever she thought we weren't around. Mom is a bad singer that's why. I really miss those times... giggling with my sibs and the garden. 

Flowers, orchids especially, cheer her up. So whenever there is an occasion, I send her flowers. If you like sending orchids too, you may want to click here for the most gorgeous orchids. Even my siblings who are far away from home love this website.

The Drawer Accident

Now I'm sure my kitchen cabinet drawers won't easily fall or slide off. Hubs had changed the slides into heavy duty drawer slides. The previous ones weren't that good and I had a swollen foot because of that. I was preparing dinner one time when I went looking for my spatula. As I pulled the drawer out, one of the slides broke and the whole drawer (with all the utensils inside it) landed on my right foot.  I was very thankful that the knives weren't in there.  It took several weeks to get better.

Gel Fireplace

Who would have thought that the fire you see in the photo isn't real? It still gives you the warmth you need on a very cold night just like a regular fireplace would but this one is ventless. This gel fireplace saves you the task of gathering or buying woods because you're using gelled alcohol. It burns clear and there is no smoke. It's a lot safer especially when you have small kids. The fireplace is portable and available in different designs and colors. If you are looking for a fireplace to install in your home; the gel fireplace is a great idea.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

RT/WW - Fire Tree Flowers

Wordless Wednesday

Help Quit Smoking

A few days more and I will be celebrating the second year of my being smoke-free.  If not for the respiratory tract infection I was diagnosed with in July of 2010; I would still be smoking.  Well, I wanted to quit earlier but I just didn't have the motivation.  Studies show that for each year, millions of people try to quit smoking with less than ten percent succeeding on their first try.  I was one of the ten percent.  :(

But when it finally threatened my health; I did it without difficulties.  The doctor gave me a warning.  He said the infection will not go away and no amount of antibiotics will make me feel better unless I quit.  That's what I did and within a couple of weeks, the infection was gone.  Sure, I gained weight.  I actually gained a lot after quitting, but I am now slowly losing all the pounds I gained after I stopped smoking.

Now it's my husband I'm working on; he tried the e-cigarette but it didn't work.  Motivation is really the key if you want to quit. My son found a help quit smoking website where he can learn a lot and get a lot of tips.  And because of this, he also declared a help quit smoking campaign at home and at work.  He's been asking friends (who are smokers) not to encourage him whenever he has the urge and I'm glad that it's working.  He hadn't been smoking for almost a month now.  I know it's too early to tell but if friends and family will continue their support; hubs will succeed.  I am also hoping that his efforts to quit smoking will encourage his friends to quit.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ipod Touch Giveaway

This is my 5th year in blogging and this is the very first blog I ever owned. To reward my faithful readers and followers, I have decided to promote Diva Fabulosa's giveaway. The contest is open worldwide so anyone can join; MCN guests are welcome to join too. It doesn't matter if you only came here to browse; dropped your entrecards; or visited my memes, you can all join. Hurry because the contest only runs for a month! 

Diva Fabulosa and Beauty and Fashion Diva is hosting a very FAB giveaway! We are giving away an Apple Ipod Touch to one lucky winner!
This giveaway was made possible by the following fabulous sites:
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a Rafflecopter giveawayDisclaimer- I received no compensation at all to host this giveaway. All expressed opinions are my own. Moms... check nyo is not responsible for the delivery of the prize. Prize will be sent from the company. If you have any concerns please send an email to jade at pinayjade dot com
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