Birthday Gifts

A new tv set and a pop up tv cabinet are the things Joey is getting for his birthday.  The old set that he's using had seen better days.  Why, it's even older than him.  Last Friday, his friends were here for a pre birthday party.  I cooked some food and they planned to watch some flicks.  They were not even halfway through with the first movie when his telly suddenly died.  The boys had to get the tv in our room so they can continue watching.  It was a bit embarrassing but he and his classmates made good humor out of it.

Hubs and I are canvassing for flat screen tvs and pop up tv cabinets.  His room is kinda small so the pop up cabinet and the flat screen tv are perfect.  He'll have more space to move around since we can get rid of his old tv rack.  For the cabinet, I'd like a smaller one where he can still place his DVD player, game console, and amplifier.  Hubs had already found a set online but we still need to ask him if he is agreeable with the size and color.

He turned 16 last Sunday and he's in for a lot of new things.  Yesterday, he got his student permit and he'll be enrolling in a driving school soon.  He is also preparing for his College Entrance exams.  I hope all this will not overwhelm him.

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