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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RT/WW - Care for tacos?

Wordless Wednesday

No More Dozing Off

I love to read!  Books especially but I could read anything -- magazines, Business books, newspapers, even the brochures from different stores.  My husband has a lot of Business books at home that are just collecting dust.  He loves to read too but because of the nature of his work, he barely has time to sit and read.  He comes home too tired already and would rather sleep or just lounge around for a while.  On the few times that he tried to read, he dozed off after only a few minutes.

So when I heard about executive book summaries; I immediately told him about it.  These are compact and simplified versions of his Business books, only they were presented in summaries.  They can easily be downloaded on his computer or phone and can cut his reading time to more than half.  With these book summaries, he will be updated on the latest in business trends.

He is trying out the free samples first.  There are five and I think he's already done with the first two. The subscription cost is of course much cheaper than buying real books.  I might buy him an eBook reader if he's going to like the book summaries.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Skin Asthma? Treat it with Oatmeal

This is a follow up on my post about using oatmeal to ease the discomfort of skin asthma or eczema.  

When my son's doc advised me to use oatmeal soap and oatmeal colloidal lotion his skin has improved a lot.  And since my post which can be found here, he only had few very mild attacks.  He still uses the oatmeal soap and lotion (regular oatmeal lotion).

Last night, I found another way to treat the skin asthma with oatmeal.  This will be a great help to those who commented on the post asking me where to get the oatmeal lotion.  Here's how to do it:  In a food processor, pulverize 1/2 cup of oatmeal then pour it into the bath.  Soak for a few minutes.  This will help relieve dryness and restore the natural moisture balance in the skin.  Then while your body is still damp, slather with lotion (Vaseline lotion will do) and put on your clothes to lock in moisture.  Give your arms and legs a little massage working on the lotion to penetrate skin.  Although a little messy, the treatment is very effective.  Recent studies also show that oatmeal baths reduced itching and burning by up to 67 percent.

Life Of The Party

My friends and I regularly hold parties so we can spend time together. Our friendship goes back to more than three decades. Great food, great company and great fun is what we share whenever we meet. We sometimes take along our husbands. Games are the life of our parties. Aside from reminiscing our younger years, we play different games to while away the night. Choice of the game we play depends on the group's mood. Scrabble and Boggle are our mainstays. We also play a few dice games like the lcr dice game. W e do play videos games as well. Some game consoles have games that grownups enjoy. Card games are for our husbands. You know how guys love to play poker while drinking cold beer.

Pictionary is one we all enjoy with our husbands. It's nice to pit coupes against each other. Guessing games provide loads of fun. It's not about the games but the times we share and cherish. Every time we meet is another page in our friendship. The true life of our party is us. We make time to be with one another. It's about the laughter and stories we tell. The games we play are tolls to create more priceless moments that we can look back to. We can laugh about these when we're old and gray. Only time can tell how these games have allowed us to bond like when we were still kids. The truth is that the life of the party never ends. We are all in this game as long as we reminisce the days gone by.

Changing Times

I often traveled to Tokyo during my younger years. I often stayed with family friends. Because of my frequent visits, they gave me my very own futon. When I'm away, they would roll it and put inside my cabinet. The futon has always been Japan's bed for centuries. Bedroom floors are called tatami. These are woven straws that is why all they sleep on are futons. Centuries old tradition has caught up with the Western world. The comfortable futon has been adopted by the west. A fusion of design has turned the futon into a bed. The contemporary futon has made its way to western homes. In Japan, the futon is wrapped in fabric. The western futon is wrapped in leather with foam inside. It's a sofa that turns into a bed. It's perfect if you have guests staying with you.

Changing times and a new global community has connected distant lands. Cultures are now shared. Boundaries have been broken. Trade between countries have been liberalized. The exchange of technology has greatly improved our lives. It may not seem much, but the modernization of the lowly futon is a good example that times are changing. It has crossed the sea to be updated by the western style of living. As Asia opens its doors to the west, the best of both worlds are fused into a better more useful product. Cultures remain pure and protected. The exchange of technology and knowledge has led to advances at a rapid pace. As long as we know who we are, the changing times will never interfere with our identity.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Oil for Youthful Look

Ever heard of argan oil?  It's an oil very popular in Morocco that is made of 80 percent monounsaturated fatty acids and contains squalene (an oil that closely resembles our skin's natural sebum).  It's a light and non-greasy oil that works great on skin and hair.  Plus, argan oil has polyphenols that neutralize skin-damaging free radicals, and it boasts plant sterols that fortify skin's protective layer, so skin appears younger longer.  Trade it for a traditional moisturizer to achieve a glowing complexion.

Mags for Hubs

Hubs is torn between the local mags and the giavonna rims he saw on the internet. The price is almost the same. The only difference is the added shipping cost and it isn't much either. I told him to go for the giavonna rims since they have the color and design that he's been dreaming of.  He needs a new set for his baby. because we have not replaced the dented mags on his rear left after his accident four months ago.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Chef

I love watching cooking shows. I even watch competitions. Whenever a famous chef visits our area for cooking demos, I always attend them. I try as much as possible to buy the same equipment they use. Knowing how much I love to cook, my husband would buy cookware for me from time to time. Since my family loves pasta, he bought me a grater for cheese. It looks very professional which made me very curious. I checked out the microplane 4 sided box grater review to learn more about it. It impressed me more. I try as much as possible to limit the use of oil whenever I cook. The cristel luxe non-stick frying pan is my choice of cookware. Cooking healthy is eating healthy

My husband loves stew. His favorite is the Japanese white stew with beef, carrots and potatoes. Using an skk pan lid, I would let the stew simmer for awhile. This ensures the tenderness of the beef and the sauce to really thicken. I try to keep all my dishes simple. Ask any chef and he'll tell you that the simplest dishes are the hardest to cook. My family considers me a top chef. According to them, I make the simplest dishes taste great. Seeing them enjoy every meal I serve them, I guess I am. I've come a long way. I did not know how to cook when I got married. Now, even other people enjoy my cooking.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RT/WW - Pretty Red Blooms

Wordless Wednesday

For more WW photos please visit Bit of Byrd

Do you know the name of these red blooms?

Stop the Cravings

I have tried everything from working out to cutting out carbs to all kinds of fad diets to lose weight but nothing worked.  When I heard from my friend about the best appetite suppressants and how they helped women shed the pounds fast, I'd like to consider it.  I'm starting to get frustrated that after all my efforts I'm still not losing weight.  I need something to help me tone down the cravings and I think I just found the right pill.

Wake Up Sleeping Thyroid

While I was contemplating on whether to take the plunge and join the happy losers who got help from diet pills, I tried searching the web for the best apidexin reviews. I've been hearing so much about apidexin lately. Apparently, this is the most effective and is currently the number one weight loss supplement in the market.  I need to wake up my sleeping thyroid.  It's already been a year of working out and dieting and nothing is happening.  I don't want to come to a point where I will just stop because I'm too frustrated that nothing is happening with my weight.  Based on the reviews, apidexin really works.  I'm convinced and I'm going to try it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Polish Out!

Wearing nail polish always makes your nails look pretty.  But sometimes, taking off the polish can be such a pain.  The trick to remove the polish easily is to paint a new coat on top of your existing polish and use polish remover to wipe it off immediately.  Both the old and new layers will come off instantly.

Weight A Minute

I visited my friend's shipping and forwarding company. They ship almost everything by land sea or air. I went around to see what stuff people send out. There were small and big stuff. There's a small helicopter waiting to be processed. There were lots of documents and personal items. Once in a while, you would see animals being brought in. No wonder they have several livestock scales. It's so nice to see a horse or cow brought in. The weighing scale is hidden under the floor. The animals are simply led to the area. They are not stressed or spooked. They can even ship livestock by plane. All items here are weighed. Weight is one of the components of their fees. The other is destination. Taxes are also added to the charges. I wonder how much that helicopter's shipping cost would be?

I was told that their weirdest item was a vintage armored carrier that was shipped to a museum. I could just imagine how an item that weighs several tons would cost to ship. The company also ships valuable items like jewelry. Expensive artworks are handled with extreme care. Items of high value have insurance too. Some clients even go the extra mile. Their valuables are shipped under guard. No wonder the company has several armored cars. Perhaps my friend is doing a good job. Her company enjoys public confidence. They have regular valued clients who use her company to handle very important items. This business is all about trust and confidence. Without these two, a company engaged in this kind of business will not last long.

Turn Heads with Cute Dangles

Did you know that you can turn heads by simply wearing rhinestone jewelry or costume jewelry necklaces?  Yes you can!  I like turquoise most especially  because it is reminiscent of the clear blue sky and warm ocean waves.  The color instantly lifts mood and chases away the gloomy feeling.  And donning the stone in the right-length earrings and the right necklace can flatter your face shape and highlight your beautiful neck.

Here are some tips to find your ideal drop.  If your face is round; choose the dainty drops.  Earrings that fall just under the earlobe highlight the angular curve of the jawline.  This helps define and slim your face.  Mid-length pendants are perfect for long faces.  Big stones that dangle halfway between the earlobe and chin prompt the eye to scan from side to side, which optically adds width to balance long face shapes.  For heart-shaped faces, choose the long dangles.  Teardrops have floating effects that pulls the eye down to offset a wide forehead. 

Visit the nearest wholesale costume jewelry store and get loads of the beautiful turquoise for less or click on the links if you want them on your doorstep fast.  Next article I will talk about necklaces so watch out.

One Check Left

Has it ever happened to you that you are about to issue bank checks for bill payments and you found out you only had one check left?  It happened to me last week.  I panicked because my bank takes three weeks to make new checks and I have a lot dues to pay.  I will have to pay for interest if I'll be late.  So I made a stop to my bank first to order checks and made the payments there.  It took a lot of my time.  :(

I have already ordered for two booklets when a cousin told me that it's easier and a lot quicker to order online.  Dang!  So instead of waiting for another couple of weeks for the new checks, I also ordered for one booklet online so I will have one available soon. 

I would have ordered for the personalized ones where I can upload a photo of the twins but that will take longer so I just ordered for the plain checks.  That taught me a lesson not to forget to order ahead or else I'll have to spend more.  Next time I'll make sure I still have plenty of time to choose my check designs.

Wise Move

Cousin Michelle and her family are getting ready for a move so she passed by the store on her way home to buy shipping boxes.  She and Rob will start packing all their stuff so they needed a lot of cardboard boxes.  For Joaquin's toys and stuff alone they're gonna need more than five shipping boxes.  The little boy has collected too many toys in just a short time.  To think that her mom already donated a lot to their local charity.

The couple decided to move back to CT and rent the basement of my aunt's and uncle's house.  They are having a tough time traveling to NY daily.  Imagine that they live in New Jersey plus they need to leave Joaquin to a baby sitter.  It was alright then but now the cost is a little too much for the couple.  They will not be able to save for their family's future if they go on living in NJ.  So the couple decided to move.  Traveling to work will be easier (and faster!) and they can leave Joaquin to my uncle.  My uncle is already retired and he'd love to take care of his grandson for sure.

In these times, we all need to make all the adjustments we can do to save money and minimize the expenses.  You're doing the right thing cousin.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Did you know that enjoying a cocktail can be good for you?  According to Thai researchers, adding ethanol (the alcohol in vodka, tequila and other spirits) to fruit juices raises the fruits' antioxidant levels.  The benefits to you include younger-looking skin and stronger immunity to colds and flu.  Even more reasons to say, "Let's drink to that."

Michelle's Long and Beautiful Hair

Michelle loves to do everything with her hair.  She had always worn it long and would only come to the salon for a trim to keep them healthy.  She loved playing with different hairstyles and no matter how scorching hot the weather gets, Michelle will never ever cut her hair.  It's a kind of security blanket to her and it's her beautiful hair that gives her much confidence.

Michelle knows what hair will go with her clothes and she is also blessed to have the hands to fix it.  She also loves to play with colors, but her love for colored hair made her suffer one time.  A week before the wedding of another cousin, Michelle dyed her hair red.  Her hair turned red just the way she liked it but her hair became brittle and they started falling off.  Before the condition got worse, she headed to the salon to get a hair cut.  The stylist had to cut it really short.  The hair can recover faster when it's short, the stylist advised.

Michelle still attended the wedding with long hair.  She went to the beauty supply outlet and bought an Indian remy hair extension.  She was of course complimented with her beautiful hair but no one from among the guests knew that it wasn't her real hair.

Michelle is not afraid to sport a short hair anymore because of her hair extension; and the beauty supply outlet that also sells lace front wigs for black women, is now her favorite shop.

Good Choice, Terry

My cousin Terry is contemplating on whether to wax or to go for a laser hair removal.  She asked everyone of us and all voted for the latter.  Waxing is  much cheaper but more painful and you need to do it every month or so because the hair will grow back again. Laser hair removal is a little expensive but it's painless and hair removal is permanent.   Having the procedure done is a great idea because the laser destroys the hair follicles one at a time, preventing the hair to grow back again.  I didn't suggest the creams.  Terry has a very sensitive skin; instead of having perfectly smooth legs, she might end up with rashes.

Now Terry seems convinced to go for it, but we all had to remind her that if she's willing to spend for the treatment, she better choose a reliable clinic like Laser hair removal DC or Laser hair removal Maryland.  Many clinics will offer the same service for a much lower price but the results may not be the same.  I know because I had a friend who wanted her Acne scars removed.  She went to a clinic that apparently offers the lowest fees but she was not satisfied with the result.  She ended up driving to Maryland to get the job done. 

Skywatch Friday - The Trip to Zambales

Happy sky watching!

My Two Boys

Whenever we went out of town; whether we went swimming  at the beach or we went to the provinces up north to visit some relatives, my boys always made sure they had their  Binoculars with them.  Bird watching is one of their favorite hobbies.  Unfortunately, there aren't much to watch in the city.  All you will see here are the little ones we call Maya, pigeons, and some stray finches and lovebirds.  There are Mynahs too, but they are usually caged.

Up north (I'm sure in the south too) there are a lot of Hornbills, Malkohas and doves that can be found in the forests; and in the marshlands they enjoyed watching the wild ducks, the egrets and the herons.  Sometimes while traveling and they spotted a tree full of birds or we passed by a marsh, we would stop.  Hubs and my son would bring out their Binoculars and watch for a while.  I, on the other hand took photos.  The grasslands are also home to munias and warblers.  I would never remember all these names if not for my son who knows too much about birds.

Here in the city, the boys are keeping watch of the neighbor's tree.  Once they spot a new nest, they will get their Binoculars ready and spend a long time watching the nest activities. I remember one time my son told me he wanted to be a vet, I was surprised he didn't want to take Ornithology.

My First Pregnancy

I had three false alarms before I got pregnant with my daughter so imagine our excitement when hubs and I found out I was conceiving.  My mom was the first to know.  She told me the things that I should do and expect.  I wasn't a health buff when I was still single but after hearing my mom's pregnancy advice, I started taking care of myself well and read a lot about womens health and womens fitness. I went to my regular check-ups and took all the vitamins my ob-gyne gave me.

I could say that it was an easy pregnancy.  I never had morning sickness although I suffered from Strangury (slow and painful discharge of the urine, due to spasm of the urethra and bladder) in the first two months.  I also didn't crave for any particular food.  Everything was normal and if not for my growing, it's as if I wasn't pregnant.

The delivery was easy too.  After a couple of hours of labor, I gave birth to a 7.5 pound baby girl.  That baby girl is now a new mommy to twin girls.  And if you frequent my blogs, then I'm sure you've seen photos of our beautiful twins here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RT/WW - Fiery Sky

Wordless Wednesday

Home Depot

Rarely do I go with my husband when he goes to his favorite place at the mall. He loves browsing around at hardware section. He goes around checking the new tools and gadgets for the home. couple of weeks ago, he bought a wireless doorbell for our small gate. He got fed up with the ordinary type that he constantly had to replace. The elements and ants causes this type to deteriorate fast. The wiring is to blame for it. About a month ago, he bought an intercom for the house. I have been complaining how it's so taxing to him and our son to dinner. It made my life a little easier.

This time around, the driveway alarm caught his eye. It is a perfect addition to our home security system. Our neighbor's motorcycle was stolen from their driveway just recently. My husband's concern is that our premises could be invaded by thieves and our cars violated. He treats our cars like babies and really sees to it that they are maintained well. Our cars have very expensive audio and video systems installed. As expected, he bought the alarm. Home security is very important for him. He works hard to have a beautiful home. I was surprised that I enjoyed our trip to the the home depot.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get Rid of Pimples

Breaking out?  A warm bath can end your dilemma.  Just add a cup of Epsom salts, 5 to 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath water.  The secret to clearer skin is to remove impurities.  The high magnesium in the salts acts like a magnet to draw out toxins, waste products and lactic acid in your skin and body.  While peppermint oil opens the pores for better cleansing while inhibiting new bacteria from forming. 

Special Guests

Hubs and I will be very busy this weekend.  We are fixing the guest room where my daughter and twins will be staying.  He's already finished with the tv video cables and tomorrow he will be working on the bathroom fixtures. I'll be doing the curtains and other minor stuff.  My daughter and her girls will be staying with us for a month while her husband leaves for abroad to attend seminars and conventions.  Everyone's excited that they'll be staying with us.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WW - Soleil and Sophie

Wordless Wednesday



Bamboo Plants Bring Good Luck

Feng Shui experts say having bamboo plants brings a lot of good luck.  Why?  Because bamboo brings a very peaceful and wise energy to any home.  But don't just bring in bamboo plants inside your home.  Your plant has to have all the feng shui elements to be considered a lucky plant.  And what are those?  Wood; earth; water; fire (this is why there is a red ribbon in every bamboo plant) and metal.  All these, according to experts will not only bring calm in your home and teach you wisdom.  All the five elements in your bamboo plant are believed to bring lots of good luck.  If you don't want the plants inside your home, consider planting real bamboos in your garden.  The bamboos will be a great addition to your apple trees and other fruit trees.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that the number of bamboo stalks you have at home represents something.   Three stalks are for Happiness; five stalks are for health; two for love and marriage; eight for wealth and marriage; and nine for good fortune.  If you want all of these, try to place each number of bamboo stalks around the house.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RT|WW - I have a car seat!

That's my niece N in her new car seat.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Problem Cellulite

It's bathing suit season and you want to hide the ugly dimples on your thighs.  Smooth it faster with this simple trick.  Mix 1/2 cup of brewed coffee grounds, 1/4 cup brown sugar, and 1/4 cup olive oil.  Gently massage it into dimpled areas for 3 minutes, then rinse.  The caffeine in the coffee grounds will help draw excess water from the skin, helping it appear temporarily tighter.  What's more?  The gentle abrasiveness of the sugar increases blood flow and exfoliates dead skin cells, while the oil's polyphenols hydrate and plump skin for fewer lumps.

Strings And Songs

It's been decades since my husband held a guitar. His old only broke years ago. Being a member of a choir in his younger years, he was inclined to learn to play the guitar. He started with a cheap one and bought a more expensive one when he was good enough. He used to play the guitar in our backyard under the moonlit night. He would play for hours. I miss it sometimes. His deep soothing voice sends our kids to dreamland every night. I would love to hear him sing again. It's a great stress reliever for him with the workload he has.

My kids shares my wish. They too would love to here his beautiful voice. Perhaps a new guitar would bring back fond memories. Memories that my kids and I sorely miss. We've seen him work so hard that he had missed out on so many things. We wasted no time and soon found on the internet. They sell some of the most perfectly crafted guitars I have ever seen. My husband is a purist and all he would ever play is an acoustic guitar. We've very sure he would love what we'll get him. My son chose the design. We're also having a customized case made for it. 

We can't wait to see my husband's face when he get's our present. Finally, he could serenade us once more. Nights would be filled with his songs a he strums on his guitar. Nothing beats live music from someone dear and special to us.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

At The Movies

My family and I went to see Capt. America today. The theater has a promo that if you choose to watch the 3D version, you'll get some goodies.  They were giving out free popcorn and soda to the patrons. Of course we chose the 3D movie not just because of the freebies but because my son requested it.  Free or not, buckets of popcorn are a must with my boys whenever we enter a theater.

The line was very long because it was a weekend. As I paid for the tickets, I was handed three stubs to claim our free popcorn and soda. It took us a long time at the refreshment counter because of the promo, but we patiently waited for our turn as the popcorn machine churned our more delicious pop corn. Hubs had his favorite melted butter flavor while I had the barbecue and our son chose the sour cream flavored popcorn.  We also bought some hotdogs and additional soda. We got our snacks as the doors opened to accommodate us.

We searched for our seats and settled down as trailers of movies started to play. I can hear the boys whispering about the next line up of movies to watch.  When the movie was about to start, we wore our 3D glasses.  My husband had trouble with his. He had his prescription glasses on. It took awhile for him to get it on properly. The movie was great. What was even better was the snacks we munched on as the movie progressed. Theater food is really good. My son and I enjoyed the movie. We were oblivious to my husband's difficulty with his 3D glasses. He took them off and never tried wearing them again. We stayed till the end of the credits. We wanted to see the secret trailer of the New Avengers.

Military Buff

My husband is a huge military buff. His love for history may have had an influence to his interest. He has a collection of everything military. Uniforms, patches, military gear and even memorabilia. He gets these things from military auctions. Some of the items in his collection date back to the 1800's. Most are from World War II to the Vietnam War. Very few items are modern. The newest is a uniform given to him by his godson who served in Iraq. He has a room which holds all these items.

He too collect guns, lots of guns. There are display pieces and there are working guns. He usually browses through gun auction sites to check out the items to be auctioned. In a recent gun auction, he was able to get a M1 paratroop carbine with a folding stock. This is one of his most prized items. The other is the Colt Peacemaker. The non-working ones line the walls of his collection room. Those that work are in locked shelves. All his guns are regularly checked and cleaned. He rarely fires his guns. He has other guns for this purpose. His passion may have rubbed on our son. He too has taken an interest in history.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rough Elbows?

To smooth it out, do the salt and lime trick.  Slice a lime in half and sprinkle the fleshy end with salt (or sugar if your skin is very sensitive).  Bend your arm, hold the fruit against your elbow and twist.  Do it like you're juicing the lime.  Do it for one minute then rinse. 

The fruit's citric acid will help dissolve layers of hard dry skin while the rotating action will aid the salt in  buffing away dead cells for soft elbows.

Investment Real Estate

Some analysts say that investment real estate is a very good option. When the market is down, it has nowhere to go but up. The real estate industry will always be there. Housing is an integral part of society. Everyone needs shelter. Of course real estate development is not centered only on housing. Development for business is also a part of this industry. Buildings not only house offices but commercial spaces as well. Recreation and tourism are also part of the industry. All these needs and investment and of course leads to profit as well. These are logical reasons why we should invest in real estate.

Summer Down South

My niece and her mom will be spending summer down south. Mexico some of the most beautiful beaches in the western hemisphere. They've spent some summers there before but this will be the first time they'll be going to puerto penasco mexico. My niece couldn't wait to go. She's bought new swimsuits for the trip. She also bought new snorkeling stuff to bring along for the trip. She had always loved the sea even when she just a few months old. There's a bonus for the trip.

The other best thing is that her older brother works in one of the bars there. She hasn't seen him for several months now. They'll be able to spend a little time with him. He promised to take her para-sailing. He also owns a small boat that they'll use for diving and snorkeling. They'll get to meet his bother's fiance. She had talked to her several times but this will the first time she'll meet her in person.

They'll stay for a couple of weeks. We've packed gifts for her brother. I asked her to take lots of pictures and to bring back authentic Tequila. I'm sure she and her mom will have a blast.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RT|WW - Cool Porsche

Wordless Wednesday

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