At The Movies

My family and I went to see Capt. America today. The theater has a promo that if you choose to watch the 3D version, you'll get some goodies.  They were giving out free popcorn and soda to the patrons. Of course we chose the 3D movie not just because of the freebies but because my son requested it.  Free or not, buckets of popcorn are a must with my boys whenever we enter a theater.

The line was very long because it was a weekend. As I paid for the tickets, I was handed three stubs to claim our free popcorn and soda. It took us a long time at the refreshment counter because of the promo, but we patiently waited for our turn as the popcorn machine churned our more delicious pop corn. Hubs had his favorite melted butter flavor while I had the barbecue and our son chose the sour cream flavored popcorn.  We also bought some hotdogs and additional soda. We got our snacks as the doors opened to accommodate us.

We searched for our seats and settled down as trailers of movies started to play. I can hear the boys whispering about the next line up of movies to watch.  When the movie was about to start, we wore our 3D glasses.  My husband had trouble with his. He had his prescription glasses on. It took awhile for him to get it on properly. The movie was great. What was even better was the snacks we munched on as the movie progressed. Theater food is really good. My son and I enjoyed the movie. We were oblivious to my husband's difficulty with his 3D glasses. He took them off and never tried wearing them again. We stayed till the end of the credits. We wanted to see the secret trailer of the New Avengers.

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