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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Smackers' Winter Woe

The dry air of winter makes your lips starved for moisture, no wonder they get so parched. And when your smackers are dry, the first thing you do is lick them. But our saliva is drying and it creates a vicious cycle that's tough to break. Lip balms can do the trick, but be warned, many lip balms can actually intensify the problem due to ingredients like menthol, which can dry the skin in this sensitive area. When shopping for a lip balm, experts recommend buying a formula with moisture-locking vitamin E and protective ingredients such as beeswax. Both have been proven to protect skin and will leave your smackers soft and beautiful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sleep Deeply

Can't sleep? Here's a sweet way to get into shut-eye mode... enjoy a handful of jelly beans. According to a study done at the University of Sydney in Australia, those who ate a snack high on glycemic index like jelly beans before bed fell asleep twice as fast as those who noshed on slower-to-digest treats. This is because of the candy's ability to increase the production of trypthophan, an amino acid that boost levels of the sleep inducing hormone serotonin. Woot! Another reason to enjoy jelly beans! Buttered Popcorn is my favorite flavor, how 'bout you?

Thank You FC!!!

KARELTJE en ikke !!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Awards from My Dear Friends

I received this lovely award from Vickie over at digivickie's word art. I have already posted this one a few weeks ago but I'm posting it again to thank Vickie for passing it on to me. Thank you dear!

The following awards are from Marzie over at Wishing On A Falling Star. Thanks sweetie for the lovely awards.

I'm passing these awards to the following:

Irina @ Hainute Colorate
Shaine @ Scraps of Life
Nadekcir @ Everything Has A Reason
JAS @ Surviving My Tween Girls
Tita Beng @ Beyond My Quiet Zone

Friday, November 13, 2009

Chicken Neck Out!

Don't succumb to a wardrobe of turtlenecks just because you have chicken neck. Here's a little trick to outsmart the problem neck sag. Place both hands side by side in front of your throat. Using your fingers, push the skin on your neck firmly upward to the chin and then outward toward the ears, circling down to your collarbone. Repeat twice. This motion helps increase skin-firming blood circulation and drains fluid buildup. Massaging your neck daily should result in a leaner neck in four weeks.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RT|WW - Sunset

Wordless Wednesday

This photo was sent to me by my brother. He took the shot on his way home from work. Amazing isn't it? I've already used this photo for another meme but I'm posting it again for RT and WW.

Baby Beddings for Less

For a restful night, soft cotton sheets, a fluffy comforter and a lump-free mattress should keep you in deep slumber. And I'm sure you also want luxury Baby Bedding Sets for your baby. A comfortable baby who sleeps well at night gives you time to enjoy your zzzzz's too. And now that white sales are in full swing, you are eager to hit the stores. But wait, not because they have cut off the price tags, that means you are scoring a great deal. You better think twice about splurging on sleep essentials, not all baby beddings guarantee to keep your little ones safe and comfortable.

One myth I heard about purchasing beddings/baby beddings is buying a mismatched mattress, comforter and cotton sheets can save you as much as 50 percent. I say, buying a set is a lot cheaper and a whole lot easier. Also, when you are purchasing baby beddings, keep in mind that they might be around for a while, so look for quality products. If you have plans of using the set for some years, or you have plans of passing it down to other children, spending for higher quality baby beddings is more economical.

The nursery is a place where your little one will spend most of his or her time. So make sure it's comfortable, serene and cozy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Beating Acne... and Warts

If you have been following my posts, I'm sure you've read about my aspirin/lemon juice tip on erasing blemishes. Now here's another one for pimples... tea tree oil. It's a chemical-free alternative that works overnight to remove blemishes. To do: Apply a drop or two of tea tree oil on pimple before before bedtime. The oil contains terpinen-4-ol, an antimicrobial that is as effective as benzoyl peroxide. And because it's chemical-free, it doesn't cause dryness or irritation. Another perk? The soothing scent can help you relax as you fall asleep. Here's more, just last night, I read that the oil also works for warts. Not as fast as with pimples though. Apparently, it would take two to three weeks for treating warts.

Thank You FC!!!

KARELTJE en ikke !!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RT|WW - The Pond

Wordless Wednesday

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