Smackers' Winter Woe

The dry air of winter makes your lips starved for moisture, no wonder they get so parched. And when your smackers are dry, the first thing you do is lick them. But our saliva is drying and it creates a vicious cycle that's tough to break. Lip balms can do the trick, but be warned, many lip balms can actually intensify the problem due to ingredients like menthol, which can dry the skin in this sensitive area. When shopping for a lip balm, experts recommend buying a formula with moisture-locking vitamin E and protective ingredients such as beeswax. Both have been proven to protect skin and will leave your smackers soft and beautiful.


Cascia said...

Great tips! I use Softlips brand lip gloss. It works wonders on dry chapped lips.

nancy said...

awww, that hurts! but i'm sure with these tips, anyone can say goodbye to dry smackers, :)

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Max Coutinho said...

Hi Liza,

Yes, lip balms that have Vitamin E and beeswax are the best (and the only ones I use).

Great tip, darling!

How are you? Me, I am fine :D!

I wish you a fantastic rest of the week, my friend!


Angel said...

great tips. maybe i'll get angelina jolie's lips if i really check out labels.. lol

Matilda Passwett said...

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