Military Buff

My husband is a huge military buff. His love for history may have had an influence to his interest. He has a collection of everything military. Uniforms, patches, military gear and even memorabilia. He gets these things from military auctions. Some of the items in his collection date back to the 1800's. Most are from World War II to the Vietnam War. Very few items are modern. The newest is a uniform given to him by his godson who served in Iraq. He has a room which holds all these items.

He too collect guns, lots of guns. There are display pieces and there are working guns. He usually browses through gun auction sites to check out the items to be auctioned. In a recent gun auction, he was able to get a M1 paratroop carbine with a folding stock. This is one of his most prized items. The other is the Colt Peacemaker. The non-working ones line the walls of his collection room. Those that work are in locked shelves. All his guns are regularly checked and cleaned. He rarely fires his guns. He has other guns for this purpose. His passion may have rubbed on our son. He too has taken an interest in history.

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