Strings And Songs

It's been decades since my husband held a guitar. His old only broke years ago. Being a member of a choir in his younger years, he was inclined to learn to play the guitar. He started with a cheap one and bought a more expensive one when he was good enough. He used to play the guitar in our backyard under the moonlit night. He would play for hours. I miss it sometimes. His deep soothing voice sends our kids to dreamland every night. I would love to hear him sing again. It's a great stress reliever for him with the workload he has.

My kids shares my wish. They too would love to here his beautiful voice. Perhaps a new guitar would bring back fond memories. Memories that my kids and I sorely miss. We've seen him work so hard that he had missed out on so many things. We wasted no time and soon found on the internet. They sell some of the most perfectly crafted guitars I have ever seen. My husband is a purist and all he would ever play is an acoustic guitar. We've very sure he would love what we'll get him. My son chose the design. We're also having a customized case made for it. 

We can't wait to see my husband's face when he get's our present. Finally, he could serenade us once more. Nights would be filled with his songs a he strums on his guitar. Nothing beats live music from someone dear and special to us.

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