Changing Times

I often traveled to Tokyo during my younger years. I often stayed with family friends. Because of my frequent visits, they gave me my very own futon. When I'm away, they would roll it and put inside my cabinet. The futon has always been Japan's bed for centuries. Bedroom floors are called tatami. These are woven straws that is why all they sleep on are futons. Centuries old tradition has caught up with the Western world. The comfortable futon has been adopted by the west. A fusion of design has turned the futon into a bed. The contemporary futon has made its way to western homes. In Japan, the futon is wrapped in fabric. The western futon is wrapped in leather with foam inside. It's a sofa that turns into a bed. It's perfect if you have guests staying with you.

Changing times and a new global community has connected distant lands. Cultures are now shared. Boundaries have been broken. Trade between countries have been liberalized. The exchange of technology has greatly improved our lives. It may not seem much, but the modernization of the lowly futon is a good example that times are changing. It has crossed the sea to be updated by the western style of living. As Asia opens its doors to the west, the best of both worlds are fused into a better more useful product. Cultures remain pure and protected. The exchange of technology and knowledge has led to advances at a rapid pace. As long as we know who we are, the changing times will never interfere with our identity.

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