Life Of The Party

My friends and I regularly hold parties so we can spend time together. Our friendship goes back to more than three decades. Great food, great company and great fun is what we share whenever we meet. We sometimes take along our husbands. Games are the life of our parties. Aside from reminiscing our younger years, we play different games to while away the night. Choice of the game we play depends on the group's mood. Scrabble and Boggle are our mainstays. We also play a few dice games like the lcr dice game. W e do play videos games as well. Some game consoles have games that grownups enjoy. Card games are for our husbands. You know how guys love to play poker while drinking cold beer.

Pictionary is one we all enjoy with our husbands. It's nice to pit coupes against each other. Guessing games provide loads of fun. It's not about the games but the times we share and cherish. Every time we meet is another page in our friendship. The true life of our party is us. We make time to be with one another. It's about the laughter and stories we tell. The games we play are tolls to create more priceless moments that we can look back to. We can laugh about these when we're old and gray. Only time can tell how these games have allowed us to bond like when we were still kids. The truth is that the life of the party never ends. We are all in this game as long as we reminisce the days gone by.

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