Weight A Minute

I visited my friend's shipping and forwarding company. They ship almost everything by land sea or air. I went around to see what stuff people send out. There were small and big stuff. There's a small helicopter waiting to be processed. There were lots of documents and personal items. Once in a while, you would see animals being brought in. No wonder they have several livestock scales. It's so nice to see a horse or cow brought in. The weighing scale is hidden under the floor. The animals are simply led to the area. They are not stressed or spooked. They can even ship livestock by plane. All items here are weighed. Weight is one of the components of their fees. The other is destination. Taxes are also added to the charges. I wonder how much that helicopter's shipping cost would be?

I was told that their weirdest item was a vintage armored carrier that was shipped to a museum. I could just imagine how an item that weighs several tons would cost to ship. The company also ships valuable items like jewelry. Expensive artworks are handled with extreme care. Items of high value have insurance too. Some clients even go the extra mile. Their valuables are shipped under guard. No wonder the company has several armored cars. Perhaps my friend is doing a good job. Her company enjoys public confidence. They have regular valued clients who use her company to handle very important items. This business is all about trust and confidence. Without these two, a company engaged in this kind of business will not last long.

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