Turn Heads with Cute Dangles

Did you know that you can turn heads by simply wearing rhinestone jewelry or costume jewelry necklaces?  Yes you can!  I like turquoise most especially  because it is reminiscent of the clear blue sky and warm ocean waves.  The color instantly lifts mood and chases away the gloomy feeling.  And donning the stone in the right-length earrings and the right necklace can flatter your face shape and highlight your beautiful neck.

Here are some tips to find your ideal drop.  If your face is round; choose the dainty drops.  Earrings that fall just under the earlobe highlight the angular curve of the jawline.  This helps define and slim your face.  Mid-length pendants are perfect for long faces.  Big stones that dangle halfway between the earlobe and chin prompt the eye to scan from side to side, which optically adds width to balance long face shapes.  For heart-shaped faces, choose the long dangles.  Teardrops have floating effects that pulls the eye down to offset a wide forehead. 

Visit the nearest wholesale costume jewelry store and get loads of the beautiful turquoise for less or click on the links if you want them on your doorstep fast.  Next article I will talk about necklaces so watch out.

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