One Check Left

Has it ever happened to you that you are about to issue bank checks for bill payments and you found out you only had one check left?  It happened to me last week.  I panicked because my bank takes three weeks to make new checks and I have a lot dues to pay.  I will have to pay for interest if I'll be late.  So I made a stop to my bank first to order checks and made the payments there.  It took a lot of my time.  :(

I have already ordered for two booklets when a cousin told me that it's easier and a lot quicker to order online.  Dang!  So instead of waiting for another couple of weeks for the new checks, I also ordered for one booklet online so I will have one available soon. 

I would have ordered for the personalized ones where I can upload a photo of the twins but that will take longer so I just ordered for the plain checks.  That taught me a lesson not to forget to order ahead or else I'll have to spend more.  Next time I'll make sure I still have plenty of time to choose my check designs.

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