Wise Move

Cousin Michelle and her family are getting ready for a move so she passed by the store on her way home to buy shipping boxes.  She and Rob will start packing all their stuff so they needed a lot of cardboard boxes.  For Joaquin's toys and stuff alone they're gonna need more than five shipping boxes.  The little boy has collected too many toys in just a short time.  To think that her mom already donated a lot to their local charity.

The couple decided to move back to CT and rent the basement of my aunt's and uncle's house.  They are having a tough time traveling to NY daily.  Imagine that they live in New Jersey plus they need to leave Joaquin to a baby sitter.  It was alright then but now the cost is a little too much for the couple.  They will not be able to save for their family's future if they go on living in NJ.  So the couple decided to move.  Traveling to work will be easier (and faster!) and they can leave Joaquin to my uncle.  My uncle is already retired and he'd love to take care of his grandson for sure.

In these times, we all need to make all the adjustments we can do to save money and minimize the expenses.  You're doing the right thing cousin.

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