Summer Down South

My niece and her mom will be spending summer down south. Mexico some of the most beautiful beaches in the western hemisphere. They've spent some summers there before but this will be the first time they'll be going to puerto penasco mexico. My niece couldn't wait to go. She's bought new swimsuits for the trip. She also bought new snorkeling stuff to bring along for the trip. She had always loved the sea even when she just a few months old. There's a bonus for the trip.

The other best thing is that her older brother works in one of the bars there. She hasn't seen him for several months now. They'll be able to spend a little time with him. He promised to take her para-sailing. He also owns a small boat that they'll use for diving and snorkeling. They'll get to meet his bother's fiance. She had talked to her several times but this will the first time she'll meet her in person.

They'll stay for a couple of weeks. We've packed gifts for her brother. I asked her to take lots of pictures and to bring back authentic Tequila. I'm sure she and her mom will have a blast.

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