No More Dozing Off

I love to read!  Books especially but I could read anything -- magazines, Business books, newspapers, even the brochures from different stores.  My husband has a lot of Business books at home that are just collecting dust.  He loves to read too but because of the nature of his work, he barely has time to sit and read.  He comes home too tired already and would rather sleep or just lounge around for a while.  On the few times that he tried to read, he dozed off after only a few minutes.

So when I heard about executive book summaries; I immediately told him about it.  These are compact and simplified versions of his Business books, only they were presented in summaries.  They can easily be downloaded on his computer or phone and can cut his reading time to more than half.  With these book summaries, he will be updated on the latest in business trends.

He is trying out the free samples first.  There are five and I think he's already done with the first two. The subscription cost is of course much cheaper than buying real books.  I might buy him an eBook reader if he's going to like the book summaries.

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