My Two Boys

Whenever we went out of town; whether we went swimming  at the beach or we went to the provinces up north to visit some relatives, my boys always made sure they had their  Binoculars with them.  Bird watching is one of their favorite hobbies.  Unfortunately, there aren't much to watch in the city.  All you will see here are the little ones we call Maya, pigeons, and some stray finches and lovebirds.  There are Mynahs too, but they are usually caged.

Up north (I'm sure in the south too) there are a lot of Hornbills, Malkohas and doves that can be found in the forests; and in the marshlands they enjoyed watching the wild ducks, the egrets and the herons.  Sometimes while traveling and they spotted a tree full of birds or we passed by a marsh, we would stop.  Hubs and my son would bring out their Binoculars and watch for a while.  I, on the other hand took photos.  The grasslands are also home to munias and warblers.  I would never remember all these names if not for my son who knows too much about birds.

Here in the city, the boys are keeping watch of the neighbor's tree.  Once they spot a new nest, they will get their Binoculars ready and spend a long time watching the nest activities. I remember one time my son told me he wanted to be a vet, I was surprised he didn't want to take Ornithology.

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