My First Pregnancy

I had three false alarms before I got pregnant with my daughter so imagine our excitement when hubs and I found out I was conceiving.  My mom was the first to know.  She told me the things that I should do and expect.  I wasn't a health buff when I was still single but after hearing my mom's pregnancy advice, I started taking care of myself well and read a lot about womens health and womens fitness. I went to my regular check-ups and took all the vitamins my ob-gyne gave me.

I could say that it was an easy pregnancy.  I never had morning sickness although I suffered from Strangury (slow and painful discharge of the urine, due to spasm of the urethra and bladder) in the first two months.  I also didn't crave for any particular food.  Everything was normal and if not for my growing, it's as if I wasn't pregnant.

The delivery was easy too.  After a couple of hours of labor, I gave birth to a 7.5 pound baby girl.  That baby girl is now a new mommy to twin girls.  And if you frequent my blogs, then I'm sure you've seen photos of our beautiful twins here.

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