Good Choice, Terry

My cousin Terry is contemplating on whether to wax or to go for a laser hair removal.  She asked everyone of us and all voted for the latter.  Waxing is  much cheaper but more painful and you need to do it every month or so because the hair will grow back again. Laser hair removal is a little expensive but it's painless and hair removal is permanent.   Having the procedure done is a great idea because the laser destroys the hair follicles one at a time, preventing the hair to grow back again.  I didn't suggest the creams.  Terry has a very sensitive skin; instead of having perfectly smooth legs, she might end up with rashes.

Now Terry seems convinced to go for it, but we all had to remind her that if she's willing to spend for the treatment, she better choose a reliable clinic like Laser hair removal DC or Laser hair removal Maryland.  Many clinics will offer the same service for a much lower price but the results may not be the same.  I know because I had a friend who wanted her Acne scars removed.  She went to a clinic that apparently offers the lowest fees but she was not satisfied with the result.  She ended up driving to Maryland to get the job done. 

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