Top Chef

I love watching cooking shows. I even watch competitions. Whenever a famous chef visits our area for cooking demos, I always attend them. I try as much as possible to buy the same equipment they use. Knowing how much I love to cook, my husband would buy cookware for me from time to time. Since my family loves pasta, he bought me a grater for cheese. It looks very professional which made me very curious. I checked out the microplane 4 sided box grater review to learn more about it. It impressed me more. I try as much as possible to limit the use of oil whenever I cook. The cristel luxe non-stick frying pan is my choice of cookware. Cooking healthy is eating healthy

My husband loves stew. His favorite is the Japanese white stew with beef, carrots and potatoes. Using an skk pan lid, I would let the stew simmer for awhile. This ensures the tenderness of the beef and the sauce to really thicken. I try to keep all my dishes simple. Ask any chef and he'll tell you that the simplest dishes are the hardest to cook. My family considers me a top chef. According to them, I make the simplest dishes taste great. Seeing them enjoy every meal I serve them, I guess I am. I've come a long way. I did not know how to cook when I got married. Now, even other people enjoy my cooking.

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