Bamboo Plants Bring Good Luck

Feng Shui experts say having bamboo plants brings a lot of good luck.  Why?  Because bamboo brings a very peaceful and wise energy to any home.  But don't just bring in bamboo plants inside your home.  Your plant has to have all the feng shui elements to be considered a lucky plant.  And what are those?  Wood; earth; water; fire (this is why there is a red ribbon in every bamboo plant) and metal.  All these, according to experts will not only bring calm in your home and teach you wisdom.  All the five elements in your bamboo plant are believed to bring lots of good luck.  If you don't want the plants inside your home, consider planting real bamboos in your garden.  The bamboos will be a great addition to your apple trees and other fruit trees.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that the number of bamboo stalks you have at home represents something.   Three stalks are for Happiness; five stalks are for health; two for love and marriage; eight for wealth and marriage; and nine for good fortune.  If you want all of these, try to place each number of bamboo stalks around the house.
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